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    mandy88 got a reaction from Natlovesherboobs in Please let them go down......   
    I felt exactly the same... Was even regretting surgery I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable.
    Take anti inflammatory tablets, get numbing cream from your doctor (for your nipples) drink plenty of fluids, sleep elevated and make sure your getting up and about as it really will help
    Get out of the house too I found myself becoming depressed when I was alone at home all day while my partner was at work. 
    It does get better, I'm 4 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling so much better still restricted but so much better both physically and emotionally 
    All the best 
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    mandy88 reacted to donatella in Feeling down!   
    Yep I remember the pain, once you hit 1 month it's an easy downhill slide. You can dooooo it 
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    mandy88 reacted to DanniP in Almost ONE YEAR since my BA   
    The living with boobs thing is so true! I feel like It's not really talked about, all those possibly permanent/last a lot longer little things! I have no problem sleeping on my tummy but things like just how bad your upper body strength can get (mine is so bad, getting better but it's a really slow process), or how singlets can look downright trashy ? or just how common the loss of feeling is. I'm over 7 months and i still have no feeling in both nipples (if the feeling isn't back after 2 years then it's never coming back - nerves grow real slow).
    Every bit is totally worth it though - Ness01 get yourself one of those boob pillows (with the hole for your boobs when you're on your stomach ?)
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    mandy88 reacted to Minnie Mouse in Head lights on permanently ???   
    I'm over 4 months PO now . Just wondering are my headlights /nipples going to be permanently on or will they eventually calm down.  ? I have large nipples so it's not easy to hide and even through 3layers of clothing you can still see them . I resort to wearing nipple covers most of the time.  
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    mandy88 reacted to Lolos in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
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    mandy88 reacted to mycosmeticjourney in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    The top is six weeks the bottom is 4 months. Unfortunately I do not feel like they have gotten any bigger, they have just dropped  and with the dropping my upper pole is gone which I miss and they look a lot more "natural" which to be honest isn't a look I cared for. I am really hoping they get bigger with more fluffing cause right now I am disappointed with how small they turned out compared to what I wanted :(

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    mandy88 reacted to Rustnut in When does it get better?   
    Hi Jasminee
    i am day 11 and completely understand how you are feeling. I was a bag of hunched over in pain misery and it was awful. Day 8 I was a lot chirpier and day 10 I felt nearly normal as a person. 
    It is so hard to go through, but trust that with each new day will cone tiny improvements. I felt I would never breathe properly ever again - you will get there slowly
    I think we all underestimate the enormity of our operation and the recovery. All the best x
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    mandy88 reacted to Pepper9 in side boob?   
    Good question. I'm one week post op, got 360cc and also started with nothing. id like to follow any responses?? I'm also wondering about cleavage. I can't tell from the side on shot but do you have a gap? I gave quite a big gap I am anxious about but the surgeon says should come together somewhat in the dropping and fluffing process. It's so hard to patiently wait!! 
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    mandy88 got a reaction from Melina88 in side boob?   
    It's sucks having to wait to see what they will be like... Still love them atm but still wanna know if I'll have cleavage that necklaces will get lost in and side boob to die for lol 
    That's kinda the best pic I can get from the top view 
    I also had Pectus carinatum (my rib cage was more predominant then the other side so the doctor said they will most likely point out a bit but maybe with a good bra I can get some cleavage 

    Wish I had side boob but now I'm at the 3 week mark and can start the under massaging it will help define them 
    How far along are you melina88?
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    mandy88 reacted to Melina88 in side boob?   
    I have the opposite issue to you - probably too much defined side boob :-( but it maybe because I have a narrow chest although I have the same 450cc moderate implant to you...

    I also had no breast tissue whatsoever and no loose skin...
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    mandy88 reacted to MrsAlwaysRight in Help - 10A going to 10DD/E   
    I was about an A cup, I never got myself measured beforehand, there are before pictures in my album too. You should now be added on so you can see my album
    I was about an A cup, I never got myself measured beforehand, there are before pictures in my album too. You should now be added on so you can see my album
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    mandy88 reacted to MrsAlwaysRight in Help - 10A going to 10DD/E   
    I've added you to my gallery so you can see my pictures. I'm now a 10E and have 400cc :)
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    mandy88 got a reaction from puppylove77 in relief for nipple pain   
    I had my breast augmentation last week today.
    I'm in hell!! 
    I have wanted this for years now but never actually thought it would happen so never actually thought about the pain that would be associated with it! 
    I have no doubt that in a few weeks it will be all worth it so I'm hanging in.
    But my reasons for writing this is to advise anyone who has yet to have their surgery 
    Go to your doctors before or after and get numbing cream for you nipples... They will feel like there on fire while being smacked with a bamboo stick!! And the rubbing on the post op bra... Kill me now!!
    I received an ointment called xylocaine (it is ment for dental use but still really down help) your doctor or pharmacist might recommend something else but either way... Take what ever they offer for your nipples!
    And as soon as you can start taking anti inflammatory tablets... They will help with the swelling and stiffness. 
    I'm not saying you'll be be pain free using either of these but they will help a little
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