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  1. Thanks Natsacks. That's interesting, i have a very small frame and im only 45kgs. I'm overly paranoid and anxious but my surgeon recommended 425cc after viewing my photos (i am in a different state)... i wonder if he is allowing it cause he doesn't care about my safety etc... but that could be paranoid of me!!!
  2. I'm booked in for surgery on the 11th of august but due to privacy reasons the company can't show me before and after pictures by the surgeon (Dr. Joe Rizk). I'm having my consultation on the 3rd of august however he has suggusted i get silicone 425cc round high profile inplants. I want to go to 10DD/E (i'm not sure how big that really is since i dont have boobs at all :/) I am very barely a 10A, i've searched the whole of google back and front about this topic believe me! Some ladies say pre op they were 10A but appear to be much bigger than me. I have nearly NO breast tissue at all, only a very small amount. Most 10A bra's don't fit me and push up bras literally don't help at all unless i have chicken fillets in... but even then it doesnt do alot. So anyway, i'm hoping some ladies out there can help me out give me advice with sizing and show me some before and after pictures of there own preferablly without holding or pushing there boobs and no bra. I already follow the cosmetic institute on Insta but i'm not going with them! Preferably show me pics if you went from 10A to 10DD or 10E and what size you got etc Other factors: I'm 5'2, 18 years old, smoker (severely cut back for surgery) so if you are similar or went through surgery and continued to smoke please help!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!
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