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  1. I used cosmeditour they were great
  2. Hi I had a mid facelift upper eyes and neck lift with Dr Montien I am beyond happy with my results his an amazing surgeons .
  3. Hi ladies I did have my surgery and I am so happy with my results he did an amazing job
  4. Hi ladies I might be able to give you some in sight here. I had 2 lots of surgeries in thailand ‘May I had a mid facelift upper eyes neck lift with fat grafting at world medical centre with dr Montien . I booked through cosmeditour. Dr. Montien was amazing my results surpassed my expectations and I have had no issues. Dr. Montien is known for his facial surgery and personally he was my only choice I have just returned in December from a BA and BL WITH DR porntherp through cosmeditour again. I was with about 15 other girls mostly with DR PoRhtherp and I also loved my results as did
  5. I am heading to Thailand in May to have a face and neck lift with dr Montien I am having a lot of trouble finding information anybody else been through this I thought I would blog about it so others who are considering a facelift can follow my journey
  6. I saw that you went to Thailand for your surgery I am considering this but a bit nervous about it can you tell me how much it cost to have the procedure done and also how long did you need to stay in Thailand for after the surgery
  7. HI I had my gastric sleeve surgery completed over 3 years ago. I have had no issues and have lost over 35kg I only needed to loose 38 kg I still have 3 kgs to go. I to was like you and went and saw my surgeon and wanted lap band. After doing my research I decided if I was going to do this I was going to do it property and have something that was permanent . I didn't want to have fills all the times, I didn't want to be constantly vomiting all the time like my other friends that had lap band. So I went with the sleeve. I have never ever looked back and so thankfull that I went with this optio
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