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  1. I went with Dr Miroshnik who is a plastic surgeon and I paid $12,500 incl. hospital and anesthetist fees. Oh and another $300 for my first consult. I got $75.00 back from Medicare for that
  2. Everyone recovers differently and reacts to the GA diff as well. Help is of course the best option but if you're recovery is not horrendous you should be able to do most things by yourself. I found I was quite tired and your body tells you when you've done too much so that's a pretty good indicator. I had surgery with Dr M and have 2 kids. The hardest thing for me was trying to deal with my 1 year old. Just make sure everything you need is in easy reach as you can't stretch your arms much to start. Also they won't let you leave the hospital on your own after the surgery so you'll at least have
  3. I have a friend who's had hers for years now who sleeps on her tummy and at my first check up I was told I could sleep on my side if it wasn't painful so I'm pretty sure if it doesn't hurt you're fine to do so.
  4. I agree with the girls above. There are so many surgeons with great reps. it's hard to choose. A big part of my decision was looking at before/after pics on the website, Facebook and Instagram pages of the surgeons I felt were top in their field from what I'd read. In the end I chose based on who's work looked closest to the boobs what I wanted to have.
  5. I'm just over 6 weeks post op and my left is bigger than my right at the moment and it has dropped a lot quicker too. I've had a lot more stingy sensations this week around the incision site but I put this down to the fact that because I've been feeling better I'm doing more. I did two days of spring cleaning and lifting and moving stuff and found that by boobs were tight and sore by the end of it. I've been wearing my po bra at night again to give them a bit of a rest and thus has helped heaps. I'm sleeping on my side now but have a pillow to prop my boobs if I need it as the past couple of d
  6. I just posted another pic @Vee so feel free to have a look :)
  7. My ps said 6 months to make sure milk ducts had completely dried up and boobs had finished whatever changes they had gone through
  8. They look great! You must be very happy
  9. don't worry I'm old and unfit too! I was close to pulling out at one stage. Just the nerves kicking in and you're right the mind freaks and starts coming up with great excuses. I was surprisingly calm on the day though and very resolved so I'm sure you're heading in that direction this morning. Yah for new boobs!
  10. Good luck today! I had my BA with Dr M last month. He is a great surgeon and really makes you feel at ease. The hospital staff are all wonderful as well. I had two size choices and he took them both in with him and gave me the size he thought looked best and I'm really happy with his choice. Trust is hard but he really does know what he's doing. Enjoy
  11. Here are my 3 week old boobies. Love that I can fill out a bra without having padding! Apart from the internal padding of course! Love this thread too! ?
  12. Great topic of discussion! My PS likes to revise at the 10 year mark so I'll be close to 50 by then. If they are all good I don't see why I'd remove them (mine are small 295cc). If there is an issue I think I'll assess how fit and healthy I am and what my options are when the time comes. I'm realistic that there will prob be at least one more surgery in my lifetime and will budget accordingly.
  13. Saw my nurse last week and she said my boobs are how they should be. She said they can take up to 3-6 months to start feeling squishy and for swelling to completely subside. She basically said the reason they say it's a 12 month recovery process is that everyone is so different and everyone and every boob recovers at a completely different pace. Argh! Patience is definitely a virtue on this one!!
  14. Mine are the same and I got them done one day before you. I just figured it's normal. I have my first post op check on Wed so I'll see what they say to me then as to my progress. I can let you know what they say if that helps
  15. Take all your meds, rest and try not to do too much in a day otherwise you'll pay for it the following day!
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