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  1. Hi all, I had a consult with Dr M late last year & was told I had tubular breasts. The consult was a whirl wind, I broke down right in the middle of Dr M telling me the news (just a tad embarrassing). I was overcome with emotion, finally someone had confirmed what I had suspected all along...that something just wasn't right. It was also emotional as I was hit with the hard fact my breasts would never be how I wanted them to be after surgery. i wanted to just fill out my C cup but Dr M suggested to go larger to fill the extreme gap between my breasts. It made sense, but part of me would rather have small tubular, than large fake ones that would still look abnormal. Feels like a lose lose situation! The breasts he showed me just felt gigantic! Did anyone else feel like this? And if so, how did you feel about your breasts after the surgery? i don't know what to do! I feel like I either stay with the small tubular breasts that I know and have dealt with so far, or pay a great deal of money to get breasts that aren't what I had dreamed of (before I found out I had tubular breasts) It's hard and emotional but I'm really open to people's experiences and what people have to say. Dr M was fantastic, but I'm getting a second option with Dr Harvey Stern next week as I feel it is a sensible thing to do. Thanks everyone
  2. Looks great! I'm a newbie to the site but have tubular breasts as well and I'm so overcome with emotion seeing how nice they can look! ive sent you a request (I think, don't really know how to use this site though lol)
  3. Hi everyone, I've just joined and found everyone's comments helpful so far in helping me decide if I really want to go through with breast aug and weighing up the pros and cons. Im size 10 and have a 12C but really feel like my bra size doesn't match how they look. They seem almost deflated, and I've been umming and argh-ing about surgery for a while and feel like I've decide that I should go though with it to boost confidence and create a proportioned look. I have a few fears, including a massive gap between the breasts, breasts that look too fake and are larger than anticipated, as well as pain! I've been looking into Dr Micheal Miroshnik and wondered what your experiences were? Anyone have any surgeon recommendations? I want really natural but perky. Will probably still keep the C, but just filled out and less saggy, as now they're quite deflated. I don't want my upper body to look big though. Any thoughts guys? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated! Xxx
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