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  1. RiniBeans

    September 2015 boobies!

    I had surgery today! All went well. I'm very uncomfortable but pain is ok. I just want to see them already!
  2. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Husain- how long did you wear post op bra for?

    I had my surgery with Dr Ali today. He advises you to wear the post op bra for 6 weeks.
  3. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Hussain - Esteem

    have you been given your time yet? I'm going 480 overs. You?
  4. RiniBeans

    September 2015 boobies!

    hey! I'm also booked for the 25th September and have two children. Who is doing your surgery? might see you there :))))
  5. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Hussain - Esteem

    oh great! Thanks Heather. How do I find the September group?
  6. Hi, I am from Canberra and will be travelling to Sydney at the end of the month for my breast augmentation. I am thinking I'll need to stay a night after the surgery? Can anyone recommend a place nearby the Kingsgrove Day Hospital?
  7. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Hussain - Esteem

    Thanks Soren, I have booked and have my surgery date of 25 September. How are you liking yours a month on?
  8. RiniBeans

    Any girls gone with dr Ali Hussain??

    I spent my day organising my funds for my BA. So glad to read good reviews on Dr Ali
  9. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Hussain - Esteem

    Are you happy with the end result?
  10. RiniBeans

    Dr Ali Hussain - Esteem

    Hi, I am looking at getting breast implants with Dr Ali Hussain through Esteem in Sydney. I have wanted this surgery half my life and finally being able to book in for a consultation meant so much to me. However, my consultation was very quick (around 15 minutes) I was told it would be an hour. During the consultation I had a number of people walk in and interrupt while I was half naked. To say I was disappointed in the service is an understatement. I paid $150 for that consult in which he told me nothing. That's a lot of money for me. All the reviews on here say how lovely he is and how well he explains things and that the care is great. Did I catch him at a bad time? I am second guessing getting the procedure now. I can't afford to have another consult. Help! I don't know what to do