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    550CC extra high profile round silicone unders, inframammary incision
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    Dr Craig Rubenstein, 1 October 2012
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    6'0", 77kg. From 14B to 12H

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  1. Heya, I had mine done by Craig and booked 3 months in advance for financial reasons. Kat told me it's generally a 6 week wait to get in with Craig, but I had mine done a month ago and I feel completely back to normal! I'd happily get on a plane and go overseas no problem! He is extremely quick with his operations (whole procedure in 40 minutes) which results in less trauma, less blood lost and faster healing. You don't have to put a deposit down to book your surgery with Craig so if you feel comfortable with him I'd say do it on the day! He really is an incredible doctor, I can't sing his p
  2. Hi Pamela, I would reccommend hitting the JustBreastImplants.com forums, many more women have had multiple surgeries as it's an American forum and that seems to be the done thing there. I don't know if many women on here have had multiple BA's but there are hundreds on the JBI forums who have had up to 4 or 5 BA's (I think it's the American obsession with big everything - they have a forum for women with 700-2000CC implants!!)
  3. Im more curious as to how long until I can swim! I remember hearing/reading 8 weeks... do I really have to wait that long?!?!
  4. Hey lovely, I was HORRIFIED at the pain levels afterward, really so debilitating! I promise you after day 7 it gets so much better! It's awful but playing with your nipples can help ease the hot stabbing pain, apparently that's the torn nerves shooting off signals to each other trying to recommunicate, I had them terribly in my first few days and only in my right breast... wtf?? Hope you are feeling beter, I promise the first week is the worst but it gets so much better!
  5. Thank you so much everyone!! I was just over the moon and had to share
  6. When I went to see my massage therapist post-op at my surgeon's reccommendation because my neck and back were so f***ed uo we put a bolster under my collarbone and a pillow under my tummy leaving a sort of trench for my boobs to sit in without too much pressure.... helped a lot!!
  7. 4 weeks post op to the day, no bra, dropping and fluffing really well. Still get the odd pains like today when I woke up from sleeping on my tummy (oops!!) But I'm absolutely stoked
  8. Mine are looking AWESOME! D&F really well at week 4
  9. I was able to sleep on my side through the night from about day 5 thank god!! I've been changing beds and doing laundry since about day 10. The only things I can't do is get my damn bra clips done up haha! I have to do it at the front and then swivel it around and hook my arms through - i feel like a 12 year old haha! Yeah I joined up to JBI cos this forum was down about 3 times in a row so i gave up haha!
  10. GRATING CHEESE!! Man it's the wierdest sensation! And chopping harder things like pumpkin and carrot. What about you??
  11. Loren feel free to add me, I had mine done by Craig. I absolutely cannot fault him and have sent several friends to have theirs also done by him. Mine were very tricky, you can see in my pics they were very droopy and constricted and it was a necessity to go quite big and XHP to avoid a lift, so I probably have some of the "fakest" looking boobs of his, but by the same token unless I am in a low cut top deliberately showing them off they are just really beautiful, full, natural style implants. If it's the fake look you are after perhaps opt for XHP, if you don't have much breast tissue to
  12. I'm normally a real independent type but I felt i needed avery second of aftercare in my overnight surgery, it was $2,500 but I don't regret a cent of it. The adjustable bed made a massive difference too!
  13. I get the sunburn feeling - only in the last week or so, kind of itchy, and only usually at night, maybe because I remove my bra? My nipples have zero response to any sort of sexual stimulation which is real disappointing but aside from that I feel 100% except when grating anything in the kitchen.
  14. Having said that I'm wearing a Berlei 16DD sports bra at the moment that I got given at my post-op and there's no effing way I'm a size 16 band. I was actually offended when I got home and saw the tag haha!
  15. I selected "slightly snug" now cos I hate tight bras and it came up as a US 34H which is still a 12H... there you go. I need to go get fitted I think. Where is the best? Bras N Things? When am I likely to hit my final size?
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