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  1. I don’t know anything about Medicare and after a nose surgery which it’s medical I want to cover it does anyone if it’ll bw granted ?
  2. Okay so I had my first rhinoplasty surgery in 2016 and revision in 2017. Honestly I regret every single bit of it. Still not happy. Not sure whether it is because I got a thick skin but honestly it wasn’t even worth it. Spend over 20K and still my nose is huge (tip is swollen) left side is crooked and feel a bump and the other side is long. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the past and done it overseas not in Australia. I still believe the surgeons here aren’t good enough to do nose job only boob jobs, liposuction etc... has as anyone been in my situation? And also my nose is
  3. Hi everyone been a long time since I log on here. Has anyone had more than 1 surgery. Mind if you tell me your outcome and are happy with the procedure.. I want to know if it’s possible having more revisions in order making it smaller or the tip a bit higher or shorter
  4. Ive contact Patrick clinic but his booked out till June -- I cant wait any longer need it No way I will go to Southwick, he may be good but am not paying nearly 20 K again and i regret more heaps for a shitty results, also itll be awks if i do go to him ( lol you know why )
  5. I still have breathing problems , so i am planning to see an facial ent surgeon who does both cosmetic and medical. I have contacted many ent surgeons, who do have experiences in revisions cases and seen their work...
  6. I have thick skin and had my primary done last year, very disappoint and regret it... Currently looking for an ENT Surgeon rather than an PS.
  7. I never called u a liar. All I am asking kind for a legit honest answer lol.. 'Needs more fixed'. Isn't helping anyone here. I am not interested in your post's, but the fact that pincock was your primary I would like to know what he didn't do right, did he listen to you, is the bump still there etc.......... U dont to need write a review, ive never asked for it, but u can at least help us all, since you're a member on site for a reason, and we too can help with your revision enquiries and all.
  8. No i wasn't aiming at you. A lot of ppl on Realself were also dissing him too but funny thing is that their names looked doggy ;/
  9. I don't even know him and fortunately this site has helped me to find good surgeons and a lot of guys and girl i met online do like him and are happy. Idc if you are gonna do a review or not, my point is instead saying he didn't do a job on u or needs more work done maybe you can help us by telling the truth and all. Yes sorry what happened.
  10. How long ago was this? I am glad you've shared ur story today, however many people nowadays are keyboard hero's - hiding their faces and write BS on the web which its hard for people like myself. Really cant trust anyone today. Planning to do revision?
  11. Some people on here admire him and yet you haven't given us an honest opinion on what REALLY happen. Instead of saying ' needs more work'? Why can't you be more specific?
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