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    -Bilateral breast augmentation and areola reduction to correct tuberous breasts
    - Natrelle MF410 335cc anatomical implants
    - Unders

    23rd of November 2015 :D
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    Tony Connell
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    170cm/58kg/12b (barely) now 12d
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    All animals <3 In particular cats!

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  1. Countrygirl94

    stubborn breast

    My right one struggled to drop, and 5 months on still hasn't dropped because it is stuck to the muscle (higher chance with tuberous girls apparently) hence I need revision I'm sure yours is just early days- no need to worry
  2. Countrygirl94

    Blotchy skin around areola incisions

    WOW! I am 5 months PO and mine look nothing like that- your scars look amazing!! Very jealous Mine are still very blotchy and scars are very thickened
  3. Countrygirl94

    Bra shopping is STILL traumatic!!

    I'm the same, non-underwires fit me best pity they dont come in the best colours and designs
  4. Countrygirl94

    tuberous: am i making the right decision

    Wowza! 20k is a lot- I can completely understand now why you are so worried about results Just take your time with your decision, dont rush and feel comfortable in your choice of surgeon
  5. Countrygirl94

    tuberous: am i making the right decision

    I was EXACTLY the same as you- have always hated my tuberous breats and always wanted somethint done about them. I had in my mind exactly what I wanted and then around 8 weeks into recovery I realised I was never going to look like what I dreamed about looking like and this was upsetting at the time. 4 months later I have come to love my new boobs for what they are and realise that they are 1000x better then they were I guess whay you have to ask youself is are you happy living the rest of your life with the breasts you have now or will you be happier with augmented breasts that arnt 100% perfect? I'msure you will make the right decision Best of luck!
  6. Countrygirl94

    Vegetarian/vegan diet

    Hey Cupcake85 I have been vegan for over a year now (vegetarian 2 years before) and I have found it very easy as the sole reason I do it is for the welfare of animals It all started when I went to a farm animal sanctuary (Edgar's mission) when I visited Melbourne back in 2013, then for Christmas 2014 I was given the founder of Edgar's missions book to read and it was so enlightening about dark side of animal production. Since then I have vowed never to eat anything that comes from an animal and I haven't (Saying that the one thing that does cross my mind A LOT is cheese - Vegan cheeses are pretty *****!) Since being vegan I have dropped around 6kg (BONUS ) and feel so much better within myself- mentally, physically and emotionally I think what you are doing is great! Starting with small (or big) steps is a great way to begin your journey and I think by just starting with a veg/vegan diet it shows that you are a kind, caring and committed person (not saying that non veg/vegans aren't ) It is a very restricted diet I must admit but saying that it does open up a lot more doors in relation to food including being more creative with cooking, eating A LOT MORE veg and fruit and a whole new world of tastes (which are very delicious I might add) (Might I also add that I am a carb MONSTER! I eat a ***** tonne of carbs and it does not affect my weight what so ever as I don't eat any animal fats- WINNING) One quote I love is - "Vegan- Because going to bed each night knowing I did not contribute to any beings suffering makes my soul shine" <3 BEST OF LUCK <3
  7. Countrygirl94

    13 weeks PO and concerned about scars

    Thanks for the advice Thats awesome that you can barely see your scar anymore, I will have to buy some sicacare! how long did you use it for before you saw improvements?
  8. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Aww thank you Maisie
  9. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Will do
  10. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Thank you I feel very lucky to be in such good hands I feel like mine have only started to drop in the past 3ish weeks but hopefully yours wll drop MUCH sooner
  11. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Thank you Sjay it isn't too noticeable in the picture but is in person- especially if you look from side on :/ I'm not quite sure when they should drop by actually (I guess thats why I have to wait until May to ensure it had been given enough time?). Did Dr Connell mention anything about yours sitting higher? I really hope it sorts itself out too- but at the end of the day I guess it isn't the end of the world if I need to have surgery again
  12. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Thank you for your kind words pink butterfly
  13. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    Thank you and I will do I am so glad with my choice of surgeon, even though I have had a slight hiccup, he has been so understanding and helpful and you can tell he truly wants to help (the fact that his fees are around $4-6 thousand less for his tuberous I think is very kind and generous of him )
  14. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    You are very right- I should consider myself one of the lucky ones after hearing about some peoples horrible situations Fingers crossed it does fix naturally I could tell because it is sitting in the same spot since surgery pretty much and with no lower pole developing while the other one has dropped and started to form some lower pole. My doctor noticed straight away even when I had my bra on (which I was impressed with ) he then had a proper look and felt it and confirmed that it was stuck the next fews months I am going to be checking righty constantly to see if it has dropped
  15. Countrygirl94

    Feeling a little bummed

    I had my 3 month check up today and my worse fears were confirmed... righty is stuck and won't drop I have to go back in mid may and if the problem hasn't resolved itself naturally then he has to go back in and remove the implant and then replace it Luckily there is no out of pocket expense to me but still a shame having to have another surgery (even if itis only 20mins). He was very kind and supportive about it though- apparently it only happens to around 1-2% of patients (typical it would happen to me )