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    The countdown begins after wanting boobies for 20years the time is right I'm in the right place can't wait.
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  1. I'm 3 says post op, feeling pretty good, not to much pain just a little discomfort around the incision and drain tube areas. he nurse told me to sleep elevated the first night to minimise swelling and I have continued to do so the next two nights as well. My PS didn't mention anything about sleeping elevated so would it be ok now to lay on my back flat? I'm not read for side sleeping but I just think I'd sleep better n my back flatter, woken with an annoying headache today.
  2. I had to pay half of the consult fee up front and the other half on the day. It was with a PS. With a referral from gp it could be claimed through Medicare and I got $80 back.
  3. I am getting DeAn White plastic surgeon at box hill to do mine. I'm onto single digits with only 9 days to go yayayay
  4. I'm booked for oct13th excited nurvous all in one. I think I will be a mess Tuesday week lol
  5. Ok cool thank u. Throat not sore any more just achy face and tired hopping I start feeling better tommorow, although I don't feel that bad now
  6. So today is Friday, Monday I started with a sore throat since then sinus pain bit of snot and just tired basic head cold no cough or anything. I'm booked to have BA in 10 days should it still be ok or will it be a Nono cos of being run down after this bug or should 10 days to go be ok?..
  7. Have u got a picture mat sacksmat sacks
  8. Looks awesome, I hope mine look like that.
  9. Yay how exciting When are you getting them done ?
  10. i would think it's comp,telly normal. I haven't even booked a date for surgery yet, and I'm all over the place up down excited scared all in one.
  11. I don't think they should judge you on what it's for but I don't know if they will. Improvements is a good one :)
  12. Yeh they will ask, I went in and made an app in a couple weeks as hubby has taken the day off work to come to my consult, as we want to top up our home loan by a small amount to complete renovations . When I went in to make the app the lady asked what it was for. I'm hoping to have mine done sept October otherwise I will have to wait until April next year and I don't want to wait any longer lol
  13. How exciting are u telling the bank its for boobs or something else lol. Hope once all approved you don't have to wait to long to get them done
  14. There was really nice wire free lots of support at Nike today they were $60 I thought very reasinable
  15. Thanks ladies, I was thinking that was how it would be, I have a 6 yr old with numerous health issues and I know first consult if I will be back to see that particular specialist. I've wanted this for so long all it took was for hubby to say if you really want it done do it
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