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  1. I am at the 'freaking out post op' stage... I am only 3 days PO, i am uber aware of everything on my breast. At the moment they aren't perfectly smooth and I have a little bump on the top of my right boob which the Dr has assured me is fine but I'm not convinced so I am at the tears stage and thinking this was the stupidest most vain idea ever! Please tell me it passes. Google is not helping my fear of rippling ? I need a strong drink to ease the panic but I can't even drink... ???!!
  2. Can anyone help?! I had a BA on Saturday. I had dual plane position, round 325cc implants. Yesterday when I touched the top of my right breast I could feel a horizontal bump across the top of my boob about 2 cm above my nipple. I went to the surgeon today and he is certain that it is just the implant bulging out from beneath the newly retracted pec muscle and has said that as the swelling decreases and fluid absorbs from behind the implant the implant should sit nicely into place. At the moment the top of my breast is very round which I'm guessing is to be expected and then it is almost flattish over my nipple. The fluid from around my nipple has gone. Has anyone else had this happen. You can feel the same thing ever so slightly on my left boob too in the same place. Is is this normal because I am freaking out that it is rippling!! ?
  3. I have three little boys 6 and under so I don't plan on saying anything. Master 6 may notice and if he asks any questions I will just say I've been doing lots of pec (show him the area) and chest exercises in the gym to make my muscles bigger ? I'm quite certain he will be happy with that answer. Of course when they are much older and if it comes up I will tell them the truth. BUT I am very conscious of not portraying an unrealistic perception of what a woman's body should look like and I also don't want my boys to think that girls ( and boys) need to have surgery to perfect parts of their body they don't love. The kid thing is a tough one! If I had young girls.. I probably wouldn't get it done as Id be horrified if they did it, especially before having kids and I'd want them to love their body however it looked. Although here I am getting mine done.. So really I'm a walking contradiction! :/ Such a tough one!! You'll know what to tell your own children when you are ready . Gooodluck x
  4. Hey Charlie, I'm there at the same time.. 11th-19th. My surgery date is the 12th ?? If you fancy catching up once your feeling up to it let me know. I'm hoping my hubby can squeeze in two nights away for the first two days just to make sure everything goes to planned otherwise I'll be flying solo.
  5. I am travelling to Phuket for my BA in mid December. I'm going to PIAC, feel confident with the surgeon I've chosen, Dr Boonchai, however I am not getting too much information from the hospital regarding what to bring. Ive asked the admin team if i need to buy/ bring anything with me but they are a bit vague with their information. Could anyone that's been to PIAC provide me with a list of must haves for after my operation? Things you took, things you wish you took. Do you think I need to take my own compression bras or stabiliser band? Im happy to buy it before i leave but if i do i want to get the best one etc... Advice? Do i need compression stockings? Any tips on any must haves would be great! I will be travelling by myself. Thanks in advance
  6. I pretty much had the same list of surgeons as you... In that exact order! Every time I was certain, 'this was the guy' until I came across Dr Boonchai. I could not find one bad review and I looked hard for a negative one and everyone sung his praises so im booked with him on Dec 12. The only concern I have is coming home and my follow up appointments. I hope the Dr's here will review me even though I went to Thailand for surgery . X
  7. I've just recieved my first recommendation from Dr B based on the pics I sent via email, it was quite vague. Is that normal? He mentioned I have a wide gap between my boobs that he will 'try' to fix. Has anyone else had this? I don't fancy implants sitting on the outside half of my rib age! I have also noticed that my nipples are noticeably uneven, I asked if this could be repaired and he said that it wasn't something he felt very necessary to do as it is quite normal. Is it? Has anyone had a nipple realignment with this Dr? I have sent two emails with a few questions, nothing demanding but just a few things I wanted to ask about but the responses are very brief and vague. I feel confident I've chosen the right Dr based on reviews I've read but am concerned that he may be so busy that he will do a bit of a rushed consultation and then procedure. Any advice, reviews, past experiences, before and after photos of work from this Dr would be greatly appreciated! I have had three children, my eldest is 19 months and I am worried he may be only interested in dealing with fit, young women that only need an extra boost rather than have boobs 'ruined' from breastfeeding! I am 36, 175cm and 65kg. So not super unfit but the old body has seen better days! ? I am after a full C cup to small D cup. Any advice, tips, or past experiences would be great ! TIA x
  8. Thanks did the Dr's only offer textured implants. The email I've received from PIAC states that they only use textured implants and from everything I've read I think smooth are the way to go.
  9. I am wanting to organise a BA in Dec/ Jan. I know I want to have it done at PIAC but can not decide on the BEST Dr. I'm deciding between Dr Veerasat, Dr Boonchai & Dr Narupon. I'm after beautiful, sexy boobs, not enormous with some cleavage that look natural.. Is that even possible? Any advice on Dr's and your experience would be fab! At the moment I'm thinking round, under the muscle. ANY tips/ advice greatly appreciated! TIA ?
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