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  1. Is there any Facebook groups for this forum? Thanks
  2. torvan

    August 2015

    I'm booked in for 15th August.. Have my first and last consult tomorrow so fingers crossed!! ??
  3. I'm getting a lift with implants on 15th August!! ??
  4. Yay! My first post.. Have my first and last consult tomorrow.. I'm booked in for a lift with implants on 15th August.. I'm so excited but also scared about the pain afterwards especially having two young children (23 months and 4 years) and being a single mum although I do have support its hard to know how much I'll really need and for how long) Looking forward to my appt tomorrow and deciding on a size etc.. Wish me luck!! ??
  5. I had the same problem.. I ended up going through Somnio who do the holidays in Thailand etc and on the Gold Coast.. I'm booked through Dr Dilip on the GC and its $9,990 for a lift with implants..
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