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  1. silverbee

    Off to Thailand today!!

    Thanks guys I will be having my ba, bl, aerola & lift reduction on monday then tt on Wednesday😊 1 more sleep to go :)
  2. silverbee

    Off to Thailand today!!

    So excited & nervous😁 Will post before & after photos next week.. Wish me luck girls😊
  3. silverbee

    Round or teardrop?

    Thanks so much! So much to research like high medium profile etc *sigh*
  4. silverbee

    Round or teardrop?

    i have just recently researched kinds of shape of implants.. Which is better that will make boobs look natural & perky? Thanks!
  5. silverbee

    Lipo with Dr Boonchai

    Mum05 I hope you don't mind me asking..so is your full TT with dr B around 6k? The prices on mine keep changing because of the rate, he charges around Baht 220000 with me for an extended tummy tuck, is that what you're having? If I convert it to aus that's almost 10k so I'm having doubts as I don't think I can afford that on top of my ba bl etc which would end up costing me 24 k in total inc fares and accommodation! I am soo confused I'm only 12 days away I leave on the 3rd..
  6. silverbee

    18 days to go!!

    Soo excited! Finally, after 5 kids (3cs) saggy boobs and skin, I'm going to have my much awaited surgery😊 I'm praying it goes well.. TT, BL, BA with Dr B Wish me luck pls xx
  7. silverbee

    Dr Boonchai TT? Any reviews?

    Hi its 220000 baht for Dr B and 165 for Dr T
  8. silverbee

    Dr Boonchai TT? Any reviews?

    hi I've seen some reviews here with Dr Thanakom and they're pretty good..i'm going with Somnio Medical, just waiting for confirmation as to whether Dr Thanakom will be able to fit me. His recommendation is that I have a belt lipectomy instead of extended so thinking really hard about it :)
  9. has anyone had these major surgeries done within 2-3 days apart?? Thanks just a bit worried (and really excited) 😊
  10. Good luck! Keep us posted :)
  11. silverbee

    Dr Boonchai TT? Any reviews?

    Thank you! I'm actually veering towards Dr Thanakom now as he's cheaper by $1500 and have read good reviews 😊 My agent just needs to find out whether he'll be available that week..
  12. I'm booked with Dr Boonchai for BL & BA, aerola & nipple reduction on the 1st week of Oct. and contemplating on having a TT done as well. Has anyone had any TT with Dr B? I have read good reviews regarding his boob jobs but wondering if he's good with TT as well.. Thank you!
  13. silverbee

    Can you go back to work 2 weeks after BA&BL?

    I'm a nurse and have just started with this hospital so that's all I could get. Are we allowed to lift our arms though? And how's the pain 2 weeks post op? Thanks guys
  14. silverbee

    Time to tell my story :) Dr Boonchai

    They look amazing! can't wait for my turn not long now!