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  1. Thank you ladies!! Appoinment canceled ....but I would like some boobies :( I have contact body recon in Geelong, the receptionist was to my shock not helpful, her lack of information has made me no confident. I will travel to Melbourne I am open to recommendations, suggestions etc
  2. yup, that's why I'm here, I want to make the right choice. i searched and seen you posted asking about him, I assume you did not go with him??
  3. Price is not a major factor, More I am looking for someone that does the surgery in Geelong. I am a bit new to all of this, is there a major difference between plastic and cosmetic surgeon?
  4. Hi there Yes, I am referring to the guy in Altona. I have read a few good and a few bad things, a few good things. I wondered about the stars.
  5. Hi ladies I am booked in for a consult at the start of Jan 2016 with Dr F U N G for a BA. Can you please share your experience and advice, possible questions to ask things I should look out for. Thanks
  6. How did you go? Do you recommend. I have an appointment in January and would love an honest opinion
  7. Hi there I am also in the fitness industry, are you able to tell me about your experience post op and how you eased back into training. Thank you
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