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  1. 32 with four kids (under 5) breastfed all four and am now 6 weeks post op ?
  2. Hi I am 6 weeks post op (under the muscle ) and have a 1yr , 2 yr,4yr and 5 year old and I was abit nervous about my recovery and looking after my children prior to surgery so my mum came and stayed for the week and hubby had a week off too but I was very lucky and felt fine after surgery I actually was getting frustrated that my mum wouldn't let me do anything as I'm not used to sitting around. At one week I was all good to get back to doing everything it just took a little longer getting the kids in their car seats , vacuuming etc even though I was doing everything as per usual I was taking it slower and easier just in case something moved out of place and here and there I would pick up my two youngest kids when really necessary for the first three weeks .. just be mindful you can't put your arms above your head for a few weeks either (I just bought a couple of the short clothes lines to use for the washing and washed and straightened my hair with my head lowered lol ) fingers crossed you also have a great recovery and good luck with your surgery ?
  3. Hi I was borderline lift after breastfeeding four kids in four years I went from a d to a deflated b cup ! I had my surgery with dr tang at TCI 6 weeks ago (just implants ) and am very happy with the results ? ps congrats on losing all that weight !
  4. I'm four weeks post op and both my nipples are constantly high beaming although I only have feeling in one nipple the other is numb . Does anyone know if that's normal and also how long it usually takes to get sensation back ?
  5. THanks for your reply ladies fingers crossed it works for me I've only read of others saying they wore it for months without any positive outcomes and needed revision etc I'm hoping since I started it early it will be a positive outcome for me ?
  6. Hi ladies I am 9 days post op and at my one week checkup my surgeon requested I wear a strap as my right breast is riding high (prior to surgery it was slighly higher and smaller due to asymmetry and I had a bigger implant put in to even them out) has anyone used the strap before and achieved the desired results ?
  7. I originally had my BA booked for November and our family trip to Fiji is booked for December over the Xmas period. I thought about it and after a BA you are unable to swim, sauna, spa etc and are stuck wearing the post op bra for 6 weeks and I also wouldn't have been back to the norm physically so I decided to reschedule my surgery to an earlier date (last week) so I have plenty of time to recover prior to going on holidays so I am able to really enjoy it. I have four small children and am not able to pick them up for I think the recommended time is 6 weeks so just be aware that you may be feeling ok after 2 weeks but there are still alot of restrictions so you don't damage implants etc ?
  8. I had my BA yesterday and told my four children (aged 6-2) that I had a sore belly and hurt my arm so the dr fixed the problem that's why I couldn't pick them up if I had told them the truth they would tell everyone they came across lol and I prefer to keep it private ?
  9. Thanks for your response ?I think I will be going with GA as I have had it before and unsure of how I would react with twilight and I don't know many people that have had that kind of sedation before.. I have been anxious after the few incidents recently but it put my mind at ease abit knowing that I will now be in a private hospital God forbid something goes wrong ? I have four small children so the post surgery part is actually worrying me more how I am going to cope with them all especially not being able to lift them etc as they are all under 6!
  10. Hi ladies I am booked in for a Ba with dr tang at concord private hospital on the 22 oct and not sure which would be the best option As they offer both twilight and general anaesthesia can anyone recommend which would be best ?
  11. I had one ml put in last week and the bruising was so bad on my top and bottom lip I looked like I had been physically assaulted lol and even makeup wasn't able to cover it up its now 9 days later and it is nearly gone thank god. If you bruise easily be careful . Your lips look amazing now natural
  12. When I originally emailed my pics to TCI they said I would probably need a lift as I had asymmetry (after breast feeding four kids they aren't the best lol ) I told them that a lift is out of my budget and I have seen fantastic results by dr tang on similar boobs and he is happy to see me now fingers crossed it can be fixed with just implants or I will be shattered I've had my heart set on it for ages now ?
  13. Hi they initially said that to me with the photos I emailed through but then I asked them if I could come in in person and have a consultation as the photos were taken in haste and I had seen other with similar breasts just get implants and they looked fine and dr tang is now happy to meet with me . Maybe take a few more pics and see if he would consider it
  14. hi ladies I'm new to this forum ? has anyone had a ba at TCI and was borderline with asymmetry ? I am booked in at TCI in November for consult and surgery and would like to see how others went in the same situation
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