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    23/09/2015 Dr Lee, TCI concord private hospital
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    168cm, 69kg, 12A
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  1. Check out my profile . 169cm 68kg. Flat chested 12A . 415 rounds
  2. My gallery is open feel free to check them out. I was flat and ended up with 415cc . From a 10/12aa to a 12dd. They are not BIG but just perfect as i wanted to look 'normal'
  3. Went and got measured today 12DD!! The poor lady inthe little shop i don't think she'd measured a set of fake boobs before :-/ Started out a 14c she had handed me nooo way. I had to explain that implant boobs are deceiving and are different to natural cups ... instant change to a 12d which looked like it was strangling the bottom of my boobs. I still dont have feeling below my nipple so i couldn't feel any discomfort but it looked like it 12dd looks and feels good . The poor lady still doesn't believe 12dd . She sees a 12c Fail!!! Hopfully head closer to melbourne soon and go to another shop I found 2 wonderful 12dd bras today The Heidi klum range is sexy comfortable and affordable. Win win win! i couldn't resist the matching undies Pity the other half isnt home tonight
  4. We have 1 little shop in the next town im hoping to get in there Thursday when my little boy is in daycare but works piling up so might be a tight squeeze. Im actually quite used to my post opo bra so another week wouldn't matter A 12dd would be awesome
  5. Soooo i did home measurements and looked online on the bras and things website. My under bust size is a 16b/c Seriously a 16? A tad confused i wear a size 10/12/medium top
  6. 5 weeks and the new girls are bikini ready
  7. Sexy girls :-) Week 5 now, anyone else still rather sore at the end of the day. Ive got my baby rubbing and bashing on mine Fine once i massage after a shower
  8. About a week I then spent the second week still protection myself
  9. Yeah all my photos are public. I have a little bit of side boob and with a good bra i ca n get some nice cleavage
  10. Hey im 168cm and 68kg atm :-( I started flat chested 12.5 bw with a big gap I've got 415cc HP natrelle inspria It was the biggest natural we could fit
  11. I only get morning boob if i slip down off my pillow fort . Or the last couple of nights ive actually rolled onto my side unaware, my body is dying for a good comfortable nights sleep ohhhh the joys of kids . Incisons week 3 What do you think? I thought they looked good But they seem different in photos Anyone else got pics
  12. 168cm and at the time of sizing i was 70kg . Im 66kg currently If you what brand he uses you may be able to find all sizes and stats. Ive had 4 babies so my itty bittys had skin and stretch to accommodate a high profile or extra high profile if i wanted a fake or bolt on look
  13. My bw was 12.5 to keep a natural look the max i could go was 415cc HP My body doesn't have cleavage and i didnt have much breast tissue so i have unders. I do have a nice little bit of side boob
  14. Did the girl thing today and went shopping errrrrrg!! I normally hate shopping but i have my friends wedding in 2 weeks . This ladies is totally not a me dress BUT these new boobs have opened up a whole new way of thinking .. i would never of dreamed of wearing a neckline like that, i wouldn't of been able to hide a bra Now i won't need to wear one I love them !!! Excuse the dodgy selfie its the quick one i proudly sent my hubby My new boobs are the best accessory I no longer have to wear big clothes to hide my belly that was bigger than my boobs who would of thought by adding boobs it adds a whole new dimension to your body Ive lost 3kg since surgury. Hoping to drop a few more Oh and my tape came off today my incisons look awesome will post photos tomorrow night :-)
  15. Yep. My upper back is so sore from holding my shoulders in. I've been doing it without noticing. When i realise im doing it i try to straighten out. I think its my bodys automated way of protecting itself as i go about my busy busy life
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