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  1. Dr Patrick Tansley is an exceptional Brisbane based surgeon. He did my replacement 3 yrs ago & I cant recommend him highly enough. 😊
  2. AlanaJ

    Boob greed

    Absolutely!! My first time round I got 375cc HP. While they were still all swollen, I was ecstatic with their size. Once they settled, I would always look at them & think they look great but just that little bit bigger would be even better! 😊
  3. I second Dr Patrick Tansley. I had a implant replacement with him almost 3 yrs ago now due to a rupture & he was absolutely bloody brilliant. He is cambridge trained Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon so will definitely have the knowledge you need to fix any issues you may have. I can not recommend him highly enough. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss him more. 😊
  4. AlanaJ

    Best Surgeons Brisbane/Gold Coast Area

    I would highly recommend Dr Patrick Tansley. His practice is Northeast Plastic Surgery in Wickham Terrace. He did my revision & they are absolutely perfect! Definitely worth having a chat to. 😊
  5. AlanaJ

    What age did you get a BA?

    I was 24 then again at 34.
  6. AlanaJ

    Best Brisbane Surgeon?

    I paid a little over $12000, but that was 2 yrs ago. He is an amazing surgeon & honestly I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of getting a BA or revision. His work is AMAZING! 😍
  7. AlanaJ

    Brisbane PLASTIC surgeons

    He is Plastic, he is a British trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon. I haven't spoken to him for a few months, so I'm not 100% sure if he has sorted his equivalent registration in Aus.
  8. AlanaJ

    Any natural D cup ladies who have had implants?

    I was a D before my first set of implants. I have photos on my profile. Send me a friend request & you can have a look. 😊
  9. AlanaJ

    Brisbane PLASTIC surgeons

    If you are still looking, I'd recommend Patrick Tansley at North East Plastic Surgery. He is amazing! He did my revision back in Oct 2015 & the result is fantastic! No complaints! His consults are $140 & BA starts at $7990. 😊
  10. AlanaJ

    Recommendations for BA surgeon in Brisbane

    Patrick Tansley at North East Plastic Surgery is AMAZING! He did my revision in Oct 2015. Consult is $140 & for a basic BA prices start at $7990.
  11. AlanaJ

    The use of drainage tubes post op...

    First surgery I didn't have them. Revision surgery I did. I was fine both times. The surgeon said he doesn't normally use them for first up surgeries but because my revision was for a rupture & he had to take the pocket out, it was a bit more traumatic on the body so he liked to use drains to make sure no fluid builds up. I actually found them a little entertaining. I hooked them up to a coat hanger & was carrying that around with me everywhere. Gave the post op nurses a good chuckle. Apparently they had never seen anyone do that before. I thought it was just logical. 😊
  12. AlanaJ

    Hair Straightening Products

    Yes!!! That's the Aldi stuff I use! It is amazing! I use the mask as well & stock up when it is in the store because it isn't a permanent line. I honestly think the Aldi version is better than the Organix version. I've used that too & it is nowhere near as nourishing as the Aldi one. I seriously swear by the Aldi one now & recommend it to everyone! Lol, even strangers in the store!! 😝
  13. AlanaJ

    Hair Straightening Products

    Believe it or not, I have been using the Aldi Argan Oil shampoo & conditioner for months now & my hair has never been softer! And I have used many salon only products including L'Oréal Professional, Kerastase, Joico etc & seriously the Aldi products are even better & WAY cheaper! I also use argan oil on my hair after I wash it. When I straighten it, I use a kerastase heat protector & then a little argan oil after to take any frizz. I have very thick & curly hair, so I use the GHD Eclipse straightener which is designed for Afro/extremely coarse hair & it works a treat. I also use an argan oil treatment mask twice a week. My hair has never been in better condition & Im saving heaps! 😊
  14. AlanaJ

    370cc girls

    Hey there, I was the same stats as you when I had my first set put in. I had 375cc HP mentors. I loved them!! I had decent breast tissue to start with so mine looked natural but amazing! FR me if you'd like to see my photos.
  15. AlanaJ

    Brisbane surgeon recommendations?

    I would definitely recommend going to speak with Dr Patrick Tansley at NorthEast Plastic Surgery. He is amazing & did a brilliant job on my revision (because of rupture). His consult fee is $140 and his prices are around the $10-14k mark depending on how complicated it would be. Definitely worth talking to. 😊 Good luck!