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  1. Dr Patrick Tansley is fantastic.
  2. I have had polytech PU implants for a bit over 4 yrs. I had them implanted after my mentor implants ruptured at 10 yrs. I now have 485cc, XHP round implants, fully under the muscle. I love mine & certainly have no fear of ALCL, as there is a risk of developing this with virtually all implants on the market bar smooth ones, which have their own set of complications. My breasts are not not the hard or bolt on looking. My breasts are soft, look lovely & have a natural look. They look pretty much identical to the breast shape I had before implants, just bigger. PU implants are not for everyone though. I probably would not suggest them if you have little to no breast tissue of your own & I would highly suggest you find a surgeon who has extensive experience with this implant type. It takes a lot of extra training, which costs a lot, and most surgeons can not be bothered to undertake the required training especially since there are plenty of alternatives that don't require the extra training or cost. I'm sure I'll get criticized & bagged for saying so but I honestly believe that to be true. PU implants do have a lower incidence of CC but that does not mean that it doesn't happen with them. Just as with EVERY other implant type or brand, it is still possible for CC or complications to occur. Surface texture makes no difference to that fact. Some women can & will have bad experiences with PU implants but the same can be said for EVERY other implant out there. I haven't had a need to explant them so can't speak for any potential issues there but if I one day do need to, I am confident my surgeon (who is extensively trained in the use of these implants & is also a highly trained Reconstructive & Plastic Surgeon) will know what to do & will be able to achieve another excellent result. All I can say is in my experience, Polytech implants are excellent & in the right hands can achieve a very nice & natural aesthetic.
  3. Dr Patrick Tansley is a fantastic surgeon. 4yrs post revision with him & still going strong. His practice is NorthEast Plastic Surgery.
  4. I have Polytech German implants & absolutely adore them. Dr Patrick Tansley in Brisbane (he also has a practice in Melb - both called North East Plastic Surgery) did my surgery & I am almost 4 yrs down the track & have not had a single issue with them. I have & always will be a big supporter of these implants. They aren't for everyone but serve their purpose for those that do get them. I will get them again if I ever have to go down that track again in the future. I think you dont hear much about them anymore because they are no longer "new" & the controversy around the silimed brand has gone away. You can definitely still get PU implants but only the Polytech brand. You'd just need to ask around to see who does them. I know there are a few Surgeons that use them.
  5. Dr Patrick Tansley is an exceptional Brisbane based surgeon. He did my replacement 3 yrs ago & I cant recommend him highly enough. ?
  6. Absolutely!! My first time round I got 375cc HP. While they were still all swollen, I was ecstatic with their size. Once they settled, I would always look at them & think they look great but just that little bit bigger would be even better! ?
  7. I second Dr Patrick Tansley. I had a implant replacement with him almost 3 yrs ago now due to a rupture & he was absolutely bloody brilliant. He is cambridge trained Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon so will definitely have the knowledge you need to fix any issues you may have. I can not recommend him highly enough. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss him more. ?
  8. I would highly recommend Dr Patrick Tansley. His practice is Northeast Plastic Surgery in Wickham Terrace. He did my revision & they are absolutely perfect! Definitely worth having a chat to. ?
  9. I paid a little over $12000, but that was 2 yrs ago. He is an amazing surgeon & honestly I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of getting a BA or revision. His work is AMAZING! ?
  10. He is Plastic, he is a British trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon. I haven't spoken to him for a few months, so I'm not 100% sure if he has sorted his equivalent registration in Aus.
  11. I was a D before my first set of implants. I have photos on my profile. Send me a friend request & you can have a look. ?
  12. If you are still looking, I'd recommend Patrick Tansley at North East Plastic Surgery. He is amazing! He did my revision back in Oct 2015 & the result is fantastic! No complaints! His consults are $140 & BA starts at $7990. ?
  13. Patrick Tansley at North East Plastic Surgery is AMAZING! He did my revision in Oct 2015. Consult is $140 & for a basic BA prices start at $7990.
  14. First surgery I didn't have them. Revision surgery I did. I was fine both times. The surgeon said he doesn't normally use them for first up surgeries but because my revision was for a rupture & he had to take the pocket out, it was a bit more traumatic on the body so he liked to use drains to make sure no fluid builds up. I actually found them a little entertaining. I hooked them up to a coat hanger & was carrying that around with me everywhere. Gave the post op nurses a good chuckle. Apparently they had never seen anyone do that before. I thought it was just logical. ?
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