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  1. ah yay I was wondering what it will be like. Can't wait for December to come :). Thank you so much You are all amazing thank you
  2. I'm so sorry to hear. Do you think you'll do anything for it? thank you I think it all goes to how out body have sort of gone through the process of getting quite large through breast fwedding especially whsn they are that full and trying to feed.
  3. may I ask why did you get breast implants over the muscles? thank you so much can't wait to get mine done.
  4. thank you. That's what I wanted to know since being stretched and having the engored breast already and breast feeding which was painful I thought maybe the breast implants surgery will be smooth as we have been through it similar aswell
  5. Hi everyone, so on my instgram account for my ba that I have booked into getting. I see a lot of mothers who have had children have not experienced much pain after post op. Can any of you confirm this?
  6. Thank you so much everyone for your opinions all been fantastic with your feed back thank you x
  7. Hi ladies, Look I am new to this but I have a really important question to ask. Did anyone of you have a breast augmentation and tried wedding dress shop a week later? Need some advice? Thank you
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