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    Dr Dash, 14th Sept
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    168cm, 58kg, deflated 10d
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    Netball, waterskiing, looking after my family

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  1. Yes! Thank goodness I'm not the only one wondering this! My boobs go all weird when it gets cold too! Thanks for the scarf tip, will need to use for sure. I thought initially it might have been because they were new but I'm still getting these sensations and it's been 6 months.
  2. I had intially chosen 330R and 360L. As I was being marked up the Dr re measured me and said he'd like to change my implants to 375 for both. I trusted his judgement so said yes then walked into the operating theatre. I'm 9 weeks PO now and have no regrets, I love my boobs!
  3. My favourite and super comfy bra is a Simone Perele. I found it on special in David Jones for $69.95 in our size! Apparently she sizes small, the sales lady said a 10G is a normal 10F. Hope this helps.
  4. I've been sized as a 10F! I keep looking at the massive cups and just think there is no way my boobs will fill them.... But they do! I found a new brand in MYER today called Chloe and Lola and they stock up to G in some styles. They are very pretty and reasonably priced ($50). I got 2. Hope this helps some of you out.
  5. I never had a blood test. Sorry I can't help you more.
  6. I'm at 6 weeks PO and still feel like they are not mine. It is getting better each week though. Getting into normal bras, sleeping laying down and getting back to my normal routine with exercising hopefully will help more.
  7. I think you'll suffer for it in the morning. The aching is horrible..
  8. So I'm 2 weeks post op and am really struggling with the adjustment of my boobs. They feel soo hard and have a constant sunburn like feeling all over my boobs. Please can someone tell me if this is normal??? I'm starting to stress.
  9. Phew! I was worried about my well rounded stomach as well. I'm 8 days post op today. Sounds like a normal thing so I'll relax a bit more. Now for that ice cream.....!
  10. I am exactly the same, swollen in those areas too.
  11. Thanks ladies! Really appreciate your comments. Frozen peas - here I come!
  12. Hi all, I'm 3 days post op and was wondering if anyone put ice on their boobs to help reduce swelling and relieve the tightness in their chest?
  13. I bought an extra one when finalising my account. It was $55. They gave it to me at the hospital. Most other girls are getting 2 for $100 off Zodee I think.
  14. Wow, that's great that you have a choice. Dr Dash was my surgeon. He was great, I felt very comfortable with him and liked his results.
  15. I had twilight sedation, there was no option for a GA. I've had GA's before and couldn't honestly tell the difference between the two from my perspective.
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