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    345cc HP Textured Silicone Rounds, Unders
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    Dr Zion Chan 21/08/2015
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  1. Hi! I had my BA 2 weeks ago and was given the option of both. Ended up going with the GA and had no problems whatsoever. Woke up in my recovery room completely fine, no pain. Not sleepy, no nausea. Felt completely normal!
  2. Thank you everyone!! Chuckles Dr Chan is the best isn't he! I was referred from a few friends but had my consult the day prior as live 7 hours away from Sydney so didn't know what to expect. So funny and bubbly and put me completely at ease from the get go! We all deserve to look and feel good about ourselves I think!!!! xx
  3. Thanks everyone! I am so surprised! JennaB89 I was second guessing myself for ages too and am so happy I went through with it! Still cant believe im in no pain, and the tightness is already starting to become less and less. Çant wait until they drop and fluff and I can see what they are going to look like! Eeeeeee!!! So wonderful hearing such positive comments as most of my friends etc were saying I was too petite to get a BA and big bobs would look silly on me. Was kind of a let down, so its good to hear some positive feedback Thank you to everyone on here who has supported and helped me through, it has been so helpful xx
  4. Absolutely Natlovesher boobs! He was incredible! So bubbly and happy throughout the whole thing. I felt completely at ease the entire time! And Dr Harrison was amazing as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE my new boobs!! Day 2!
  5. Annelisa I went great! The whole operation went as smooth as possible and I was / am in no pain whatsoever, apart from a little tightness in my chest! I had my consult the day prior so wasn't sure of my sizing etc, but ended up with 345cc under the muscle and in the crease. I can honestly say it was the best possible experience from start to finish! I am ecstatic! My little ones have been so good, helping me and realising that mummy is sore and that thy have to be careful. Im so happy! Will upload pics shortly
  6. Well I id it!!! 2 days Post Op and I feel absolutely amazing! Awoke with no pain whatsoever, just a tightness in my chest. Could not have had a better surgeon / anaesthetist. The entire process was amazing! Still no pain and my boobs look fantastic, especially for such early stages! Can highly recommend Dr Zion Chan and his incredible staff. I could not have picked a better surgeon. Will be uploading photos of my progress If you are thinking of having a BA, all I can say is I have had nothing short of an incredible experience with Dr Chan from start to finish!
  7. I am booked to have my surgery on Friday and am feeling the same. A little guilty and wondering why I feel like this. Possibly because its just something I want, and not need? I also have 2 small children (4 and 2) so that aspect and the difficulty in not being able to pick them up etc is the main point of hesitance for me. Just make the decision of what is right for you, and keep us updated, I would love to see how you go! xx
  8. Thanks so much Pepper9, that has helped a lot Im so nervous about the whole thing. To the point where im second guessing it. I know it will be worth it but I feel a bit weird about it all because its just something I want, not need. Is that normal?
  9. Thank you so much ladies! That is my biggest fear too Pagey. Even with 2 caesarians I had spinal blocks so iv never had GA before and it is scaring me more than anything!
  10. Hi ladies! Just after experiences in both twilight sedation and general anaesthetic? I have been given the option of both and have been researching, and just wondering how you went with them and if any of them was easier to recover / wake from. Side effects etc? TIA!!
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