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  1. My best friend (since age 8 and I'm now 39) hasn't spoken a word to me since I sent her my photos, other than to say that I should warn someone before sending them photos of my breasts (taken with a bra on). She won't return my text messages or calls. Everyone else has been wonderful so I'm just going to take it on the chin and accept that the issue is all hers. We can't change how our friends feel and I think the best way to handle it is move on without them. I'm a grown woman who does not need anyone's permission or acceptance. Don't let it bother you!
  2. I'm 5 weeks post op with Dr Ali and have been told to wear my post op bra at least 6 weeks. I'm excited to only have one week until I can get myself some pretty bras! You can see a lot of Dr Ali's work on his Facebook page. (His own page, not the esteem page) I'm not sure if we're allowed to link here. I'll send you a PM with the link. I'm very happy with my boobs and the whole process.
  3. Thanks girls. It's typical of me to want everything yesterday so it's not a surprise that I'm obviously being impatient with the process. Every day I notice them less and less and I know there have been some days where I have got to the end of the day and not thought about them until I get into the shower. lol. I don't think I have massive side boob (I had 385cc implants). I'm just really bad at estimating how much space I need in front of me now. ;)
  4. I hope my question makes sense. I am 4 weeks post op as of yesterday and I still don't feel like my boobs are a normal part of my body. I walk into things (misjudge how wide I need to open doors etc), running just feels odd, I'm forever feeling them to make sure they look and feel right and when I first get up in the morning they feel heavy. Does it get to the point where you feel completely normal and can forget you actually have implants? I love my boobs but I just want to feel normal again.
  5. I'm another Esteem girl and I am so happy with my results and Dr Ali. I can only repeat what's already been said...book in a number of consults and go with the surgeon that fits you and your needs best. Good luck!
  6. boobs4me

    August 2015

    I was told 3 times a day for 5 min at a time. An hour is a bloody long time! I would have trouble fitting it into my day. Can she break it up into three sessions?
  7. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Caits_Boobies I'm 3 weeks and 3 days and I started massaging a week ago. Right now I'm only supposed to be massaging the side boob section with the flat part of my hand and I know exactly what you're talking about. I definitely had swelling there and its really only started to feel normal this week. I wouldn't be concerned yet. Give it another week or so and see if the swelling goes down.
  8. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Oh no Pepper9!! So sorry you've had a problem. How do you feel now? Has the swelling gone entirely now?
  9. Who cares what type of girl you are. As long as you're happy and loving yourself then nothing else should matter. I'm a 39 year old mum of 5 and I just got boobs to celebrate turning 40 this year. Do it for you. Bugger what anyone else thinks.
  10. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Caits_Boobies, I'm almost 3 weeks post op and suffering from sore nipples too! I'm hoping it doesn't last too long. My scars are also quite sensitive when my bra rubs on them. Is anyone else having this problem? The surgeon said I'm healing well and they look ok but I'm surprised at how sre they get when I am doing something active and moving a lot.
  11. Pagey I'm so sorry you're not happy with your results. I had surgery with Esteem 2 weeks ago and although I'm luck enough to be happy with my results (so far) I definitely think you should somehow let Dr Ali or Rena know you aren't happy. I know from my experience with Dr Ali that he can come across as abrupt but I think a lot of surgeons can be like that. I hate confrontation and find emails a great way to start. I would email Rena with your concerns and some photos and go from there. With regards to breast lifts, Esteem do have them mentioned on their website so maybe they do offer them? I did note during my research before I chose Esteem, that Dr Ali was senior registrar of Plastic Surgery in Canberra in 2012. Regardless, if a lift was what you needed then you should have been advised so! I really hope you can get this sorted and be happy.
  12. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Hope everyone's doing well. It's so exciting to come in and see all these new boobie stories. It sounds like we're all getting there. I'm now 12 days post op and the itching is doing my freaking head in!!! I think it's a combination of skin stretching, my skin not liking the waterproof dressing and my bra aggravating my incision site. Is anyone else having or had this problem. There's no redness or rash so I assume it's just part of the healing process but let me tell you, I cannot wait to get these stitches out and dressings off on Tuesday!!! I'm also extremely frustrated at not being able to run after running daily for the past 4 years. I'll ask at my appointment on Tuesday, but what has everyone else been advised with regards to running? I reckon I can last one more week without it. After that I cannot be held responsible for my actions. Lol ?
  13. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Good luck to today's ladies. How exciting!!!!
  14. boobs4me

    August 2015

    Is anyone else exhausted all the time?!? I'm on day 5 and by lunchtime I could nap and I'm in bed asleep by 9pm every night! This is not like me at all. I'm off all pain killers since day 3 so it's not them making me tired. I'm sleeping ok on my back also. I have next to no pain and feel great but this tiredness is killing me!
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