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  1. It will be sore when you move, but the hospital should manage your pain and give you appropriate medication to assist. They will get you up and moving as soon as they can, and this is good, but you will tire easy and it can be painful. It's all worth it!
  2. Weird suggestion but I'd take some sugar free lollies/chews. I got a tickle in my throat and a drink of water didn't make it go away. Coughing is unbearable. Well worth having these on standby just incase.
  3. Richard is amazing! He makes you feel very comfortable and from what I can see has done an amazing job. Bedside manner is lovely too.
  4. I'm 3 days post TT. What the girls have above is pretty spot on. I'm using pj bottoms and a top. If your due your monthly friend don't forget to pack those toiletries. Definitely need to pack your own soaps and hair products etc. I'd take darker pants as my pants have had some occasional blood from the drains on them. You do sleep a lot but when your awake you get bored really quick. I've watched some shows on my iPad but I had family bring me the colouring in books and pens and I find them relaxing and great time killers. Dont stress about the procedure. I was stressed after reading reviews
  5. Thank you everyone. Your feedback is much appreciated and offers me a little reassurance. The stories on here can make you a little scared. One lady said she was in pain for three weeks. Mine can't come soon enough, I haven't heard anyone say they regret it, so that is something.
  6. Im a week out from TT time and I'm nervous, and excited! Realistically what should I expect over the next few weeks. when do you look less swollen and flat so to speak? when are you comfortable walking around? how long were you in hospital after tummy tuck? Did you drop a dress size?
  7. is it similar to C-Section with the pain and recovery? I didn't find the c section too bad, but I'm really really nervous about my TT in 7 days.
  8. No idea about prices in Mexico. Australia depends on your health insurance cover.
  9. There is a form the surgeon has to fill out and your case gets assessed by Medicare and the private health insurers. I don't think it is being removed entirely, but will be on a case by case basis. This is already the case, it's not just post November. You could end up having surgery and be billed for the costs if Medicare and PHI decide your case doesn't meet the criteria for assistance. My PS warned me about this, but did say he doesn't think I'll have any issues as my case is clear. Your PS should tell you at your initial consultation if you have something to worry about. If you suffer back
  10. I'm booked with Richard for TT on 14/10. I haven't heard anything negative about him and he was very honest at my initial consultation.
  11. Hi Everyone, I booked and am two weeks away from my TT surgery date. Have no idea what to pack for the hospital stay and what I should be making sure I have at home after the surgery. Please share your must have's and don't do's. Your help is much appreciated.
  12. Dr David Theile and Dr Richard Theile do both. Both are in Brisbane.
  13. I'm booked in for mine on 14th October and am super nervous. My surgeon hasn't quoted or recommended any lipo so now I am worried that my results won't be as nice. Id love to know how your swelling goes. Some videos in tummy tucks say you can go up two dress sizes. That's scary!
  14. I'm looking into having a TT and have my first consultation on 2nd Sept. I have no idea what to expect price wise and waiting periods between consultation and the actual surgery. My friends have told me I should look into getting my boobs done at same time as it means only one recovery, does anyone know the cost advantages of having a BR and BL at same time as TT? Any answers to cost, surgeons in Brisbane, wait time, recommendations, grouping surgeries would be much appreciated.
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