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  1. thanks for trying haha I never got told my max he just told me from the goal photos I brought in what sizes I should go. I've looked back at the photos today and noted that I'm way smaller then the goal photos. This saddens me big time! I thought I was getting boob greed but to be honest I sorta just never got what I wanted in the first place and blamed boob greed.. I think that would only be the case if I had gotten what I wanted and was still complaining. The.absolute.worst.
  2. ok well I'm glad I'm not alone here! And yes honestly the feeling of agonising through this whole ideal and not being stoked with my results is breaking my heart. I guess I would feel better if I knew what my surgeons policy is and costs in regard to exchanging implants. I have my 6 month post op soon so I think I'll wait until then and bring it up with him them. I actually feel like he made me choose my size specifically to cover him in the area of replacement for selection of wrong size etc. I can't fault my surgeon in any way other than putting that decision on me when I pleaded he chose f
  3. Hello Its been a long time since i logged in but i am back! For all of those who watched me agonise over size pre op I'm ready to hear you all say I TOLD YOU SO. So go ahead... enjoy lol I am 4 months post op and i have had a really lovely natural result... i am fitting 10DD-E bras..and that all sounds fabulous... HOWEVER in reality i look like a definite C cup. The bras only make me sadder as i really don't understand why I'm fitting such a big size yet look teenie tiny in reality. The last couple of days i have been tormented with thoughts of my deep regret not going bigger or even conside
  4. I've been meaning to write this for quite some time but haven't gotten around to it. I've had my breast implants for 2.5 weeks now and happy with my results this far. I just wanted to share some misconceptions I filled my brain with prior to my surgery which caused me extreme anxiety! So pre augmented girls I hope this can help you. 1) you will feel comfortable when u find the right surgeon- I did not through out my entire pre boobs period feel comfortable (this only happened as I was being put to sleep for my actual surgery). The internet suggests that if you do not feel comfortable with you
  5. I got round mentor memory gel.. I'm only 2 weeks post op so mine r still hard lol.. Hope they soften soon!
  6. I'm finally taking mine off tomorrow woohoo! 2 weeks with that bad boy were hell. So you go bra less only with the stabiliser for a week? There are such diversities between post op instructions amongst surgeons. The band helps swelling and the implant to drop.
  7. hey, yep I had a pretty big scar from my belly ring it stretched and I actually got mine stitched up because I was worried about it stretching when I chose to have babies. Dr jake lim did mine, it cost me about $200 out of pocket Medicare covers some to x
  8. hey, there actually bigger now then they were then but I like that there getting bigger haha. Especially the right boob which finally caught up! I am 175cm tall 63kg and had a bwd of 11.5cm
  9. 325 which was actually a little hard to hear initially as I did have pretty bad boob greed in week one. But despite what every else says about them getting smaller as they progress mine have actually gotten slightly bigger if anything. I did disclose this to my surgeon and he said if I really wanted to notice a difference in size I would've had to go up to atleast 400cc. X
  10. Hey ladies, for those messaging me thanks so much for noticing my absence and asking how I am haha! That's so sweet! I've actually taken a break from forums and etc as I started getting into a little bit of an unhealthy mindset constantly comparing my progress, size, appearance of my new friends during my recovery period where I had some serious cabin fever. It was important I took a step back to recognise that without acknowledging what everyone else wanted for their ba I figured out and touched base with what I initially and still did want out of my BA. Anyway, so far I have gotten exactly
  11. babe go bigger then that... I was SO SO SO SO SO SO scared of being too big. I just wanted nice C's also, once you get them I promise your perception changes and you actually get really used to the swelling stage that when it goes away you miss it a lot. Go with the biggest you feel comfortable with though or you wont feel at peace with ur decision. In the end I had to see my surgeon the night before my surgery because I did NOT feel at peace with my decision for a bigger size. He said he was going to go with what I was most comfortable with and im assuming it was the slightly smaller one.
  12. I just got home from the doctor and got more pain killers. I felt really embarrassed and vain when I had to disclose to the doctor I had breast augmentation. For some reason as soon as I got home I've just bursted into tears and feeling so upset and emotional. It's not because of my boobs as I like them this far apart from them feeling like rocks... But something just overcame me like a massive weight and has made me hysterical. I showered for the first time and woke up in immense pain for the first time today. Day 4 has by far been the worst day yet. Makes the last 3 seem so nice and easy. I
  13. I'm fairly certain there 325. When I saw my ps for the last time before surgery he noted i was more comfortable with that size. BUT to be honest I probably could've gone a bit bigger so I will be suprissed if they are the 350 when I get my paper work on Tuesday. After I have children and etc I will likely try to fill out my boobs with a larger implant in the future so I hopefully don't need a lift since I have gone a nice conservative size. There swollen and hard as rocks this morning and actually feeling really compressed which is making me sad. I have to keep looking at my before and after f
  14. hey babe. No I didn't get sick at all. I've had hardly any pain too. I'm only just getting some zaps of pain in my right boob/ the one that won't drop! It's so tight compared to my left. Mine aren't big at all! I'm a little bit worried about them when swelling goes down as I'm stoked with there size now minus The right boob that's still high. But I'll be really happy if they stay around this size but soften and fluff at the same time. When I first saw my boobs after surgery they looked way bigg r then they are now.
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