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  1. Hi Strawberry Blonde, I am booked in for a BA with Mark Ashton who is the head of plastic surgery at Frances Perry. Although they are two very different procedures Mark has amazing qualifications and is very well regarded in the industry. Worth having a consult with him and discussing what your options are and to see how you feel with him. Good luck!
  2. Phew! Your response has already made me feel loads better banana20! You are absolutely right in saying that there is a reason why I wanted them in the first place. Having re-read my post I sound bloody conceited saying I'm happy with what I've got!!!! Didn't mean to come across that way. I have always wanted bigger boobs I guess it's just that over time I have accepted them the way they are and have enough to work with if I need cleavage or a certain look to go with certain clothes. Obviously it's the bras that do most of the work which is why I wanted to have boobs that didn't need 5kg of padding attached to them!!! It's difficult spending so much money and not knowing exactly what the end result will be until it's too late. I'm happy to hear that you also had doubts but pushed through. It's a real shame that you haven't been getting the care you need and deserve and I really hope you start feeling better soon. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts too despite being in so much pain Mytime - glad you're starting to feel better and that you're healing well. Keep taking it easy and get plenty of rest so your body can continue to heal xx
  3. Hi Girls!! Congrats to all the August girls who finally have their new boobies - well done!!! Thanks for posting about your experiences, both good and bad. It's such a huge help to us pre-op girls. Big hugs to banana20 as well. Your experience sounds horrible and you are definitely not being a baby. You are recovering from surgery and should not have to put up with being treated that way. I hope you feel better soon and it will be such a relief for you once your bf arrives. I've been a bit absent from the forum lately because the closer it comes to my date the more I am freaking out. I was so confident during the whole process of researching and booking but now I am so confused and am seriously considering cancelling. I'm feeling like I am already confident and happy with what I've got which sounds silly because obviously I want them to be bigger but I'm just really worried that I won't like them once I get them done. I'd hate to end up feeling self conscious about being naked or in a bikini which is something that I do not feel at the moment. I like the way they are squishy and bounce now and fear that the new ones will just sit there and not have any movement. I've also got a lot going on in my personal life at the moment as well so am worried about my capacity to deal with it all if I start having the 'boobie blues' everyone talks about. Sorry for my whinge girls but I need to decide by tomorrow otherwise I lose my deposit. Is it normal to feel like this? Or should I cancel and rethink next year?? Would love to hear your thoughts and any advice although I know ultimately the decision is mine xx
  4. Thanks for the welcome girls!! Jbe and venochik - so close now. You must be so excited!!! Make sure you get early nights and plenty of rest in preparation xx
  5. Ha - definitely not although that is exactly what they look like! Got my hands full with my partners two little ones so not thinking of having any littllies anytime soon
  6. Hi Ladies - I finally got my ticker to work so you can add me to the list. I'm booked in for the 30th August with Mark Ashton. Can't wait!!!! I feel your pain trying to decide on size. I wake up every day and change my mind. Can't wait until they are in so I don't have to think about it anymore!!! Good luck everyone xx
  7. Hey hmk. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're managing everything really well. Definitely lap up the attention from the bf - I so love having my hair washed!! Ask him to throw in a head massage as well ) I had my preop appt on Thursday to go through sizing and shape again. So bloody confused!!!! It's between 340cc and 370cc and my mind changes every day. Are you happy with the rounds? Do they look natural? On another note I have to share this with you all. I was getting changed this morning and my boyfriends 4 yo daughter looked at me while I was naked and said "do you think you should cut your boobies off"???!!!!!!! It's the funniest thing she has ever said and I have no idea where that comment came from because we haven't talked about the surgery with her. Funny thing is my boobs have been getting bigger the last few weeks - I don't know if they are preparing themselves for the surgery. Weird!! Keep resting up hmk and good luck to all the other girls preparing for their surgery xx
  8. Congrats on the new additions HMk!! Glad you're already loving them and you've had such a great experience. Make sure you rest up and let your body recover. Make the most of being looked after by the boyfriend xx
  9. Congrats on the booking!!! Hope it all goes well xx
  10. Congrats Cbrezni!!!! I'm all booked in with Ashton on the 30th August and cannot wait - will let you know how it all goes
  11. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be buying one in the next few weeks and hopefully the sleep fairy will be kind to me post op
  12. Hi Neens! If you're after a Melbourne surgeon I am booked in with Mark Ashton. Had a fantastic consult experience with him and highly recommend. There are quite a few other girls who have had surgery with him and thrilled with the results. My surgery is booked for the 30th August so will keep you posted about my results. Good luck! x PS. Dr Harwood in QLD does seem like a miracle worker
  13. Thanks ladies! Your responses have made me feel better. It's not fair that women have to endure being poked and prodded all over the place!!! It's times like these I wish I was a man HJ - congrats on the new additions!! Hope the recovery part is going smoothly for you. They look awesome and I can't believe they are only 6 days post op. You must be over the moon. Mrs B - thanks for the brutal honesty I've been researching the bioposy and have already freaked myself out about it. I am a complete needle phobe so that's my biggest worry!! I am going to call them today to see if they can give me a relaxant beforehand - something, anything to make it more bearable!! Mine were found 2 years ago when I had my pap smear. I had a referral to get them checked out then but was naughty and didn't so here here I am 2 years later! The surgeon won't operate until I get the all clear for the new boobs to go in so I have to grin and bear it. Thanks again xx
  14. Hello lovely ladies once again! Am feeling quite anxious about this topic so thought I would post on here for some advice as everyone on here is so knowledgable and helpful. I have two lumps on my right breast that are possibly fibroadenomas. I have my augmentation booked in for the 30/08 and will need to get a biopsy done regardless to check all okay before the surgery (the thought of the needle is making me feel sick!!). Problem is Dr is recommending removing before the surgery because they may become visible on the skin once the implant is in as they are quite close to the top of the skin if that makes sense. I'm not keen on having two lots of surgery in the space of a month even if this one is not as invasive as the implants. The downside to leaving them is having to get ultrasounds on them every 6 months. Anyone else out there that has had the same problem? Did you leave them as is and has it caused any problems with the implants?? I've left a message for my plastic surgeoun to see if it's possible to remove them at the time the implant goes in but the receptionist said it is highly unliklely. Any feedback would bea huge help and hopefully calm my racing brain at the moment!! Thanks
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