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  1. Hi 1234 I am 3 weeks post op with Dr T and i can not recommended him highly enough! He has been fantastic throughout the entire process. His staff and nurse are also first class. I am 170cm, 53kg and got 320cc, round XHP. I wanted upper pole fullness as i had very sad boobies after breastfeeding 2 babies. His recommendations were spot on for me. I am very happy post op. Surgery and recovery has been a breeze and he is extremely approachable and easy to talk to. I liked that he explained to my why he recommended what he did and is confident without being cocky. He also "warants" his work meaning if there are any complications (including CC) within the first 12 months and you need further surgery he waives his surgeons fee. I am so happy with my results so far and have no regrets about my decision to go with Dr T. Good luck with your decision! ?
  2. I had my surgery 10 days ago with Dr Tavakoli i got 320c, round, XHP so pretty much in between what you have been offered. I am 53kg, 170cm and was a deflated B cup before BA. Here is a pic of mine at 7 days PO. Hope this helps you.
  3. Hi laa I have 320cc round XHP under muscle. I am 170cm, 53kg was a very deflated B after bf two kids and i am hoping to achieve at least a D. Em_BAoct2015 they are looking nice and even. Enjoy the rest! Glad recovery is going well so far. ?
  4. Hi there. I am in Sydney and dr jake lim does straight forward BA for approx $7k or $8k i think. I had a consult with him but decided on dr Tavakoli instead.
  5. i got a mild case 10 days before surgery. I took imodium and hydralite and stayed on small amounts of bland foods often. Mine cleared within 48hrs of getting it. Try and stay hydrated.
  6. Pic 1 is day of surgery. Hubby took the pic. Pic 2 is today. 1 week PO. Hope your recovery goes well☺
  7. Congratulations on your new boobies! I am 1 week PO today with Dr T and have actually thought of you today wondering how it all went ? Glad you are feeling good. I had a check up today with Dr T nurse and had my dressings removed and am now in a post op bra. I must tell you that 1 week makes a huge difference. I am just about to try add some pics to my profile of you want to have a look. Enjoy recovery ☺ Ok... So no luck in working out how to add pics to my profile... if you are interested in seeing pics i will post them here. Just let me know.
  8. I wasn't in pain i just felt very tight and heavy and the best way to describe it was I felt really drunk. I was slurring and everything. The nurse gave me a hydralite ice block and once I had kept that down she helped to get me dressed. I felt great for the first 24 hours after. Then by friday I felt very lethargic and like I needed to rest. Yesterday was alot better and today is better again. As far as pain meds go i have only needed endone once a day (one tablet before bed) and last night i didnt need one at all. I have taken valium one in the morning and one before bed but i havent needed one today yet. I have been taking panadol 4 hourly and my antibiotic and anti-inflammatory as prescribed. Im glad i have been able to stay off the heavier drugs as they make me sleepy. Ice has been my best friend ! I have been icing whenever i feel tight ind it brings good relief. When I woke I had no bra or stabiliser on Dr T told me to stay braless and take everything to my appointment with his nurse the following day. Dr T nurse advised to only wear the stabiliser band for the first week (no bra) 24/7 and only remove for showers to push the implants down. I go back on wednesday for further instruction where she will likely tell me to wear the bra. My swelling has gone down alot in the last 4 days and i feel comfortable today. Just need to remember to not over do it. My kids have been helping lots (3 years and 5 years) and hubby has also been fantastic. Sorry for the essay. I hope it helps know what to expect . ?
  9. How exciting! I had surgery with Dr T on Wednesday (7th) and everything was fantastic. Staff were wonderful and very friendly. I wore pants with an elastic top and a tank top that i could step into and pull up and a pair of thongs. Pretty much as soon as you get there you are put into a gown and booties and a hair net which you will wear until you wake in recovery then the nurse helped me get dressed and gave me some sandwiches, a cuppa and sone cheese and crackers.Take a cardigan or zip up jacket as it can get cold in recovery. Good luck! ?
  10. Dr T is great! Yes i went to East Sydney Private. The nursing staff and anesthetist were fantastic. I am sore today but so happy with my results ?
  11. I am only 2 days post op with dr tavakoli and have also been told to wear only the stabiliser band for a week with no bra. The nurse advised the band pushes them down and the bra has a tendancy to push them up slightly. I go back in a week for further instruction. I also dont know what to wear to hide the band so i would be interested to hear suggestions from other ladies.
  12. Hi ladies, Just thought i would check in. I had my surgery with Dr Tavakoli yesterday. I am so pleased with the results so far. I am still swolen but can see that my incisions are tiny and both boobs are sitting even. I got 320cc round XHP. I was a deflated B cup before. Had a good night sleep and am so far just taking valium morning and night and paracetamol during the day. No pain just feel a little tight. Husband has even commented on how well i am doing. Dr Tavikoli's nurse advised i dont need a post op bra just yet. Just the stabiliser band for a week until my next appointment. The entire process yesterday was great. All the nursing staff and anesthetist were amazing. Such a smooth process. Im looking forward to watching the changes over the next few weeks.
  13. Hi em_BAoct2015 I am going 330cc round XHP. I am a B cup at the moment and hoping to achieve a natural looking D cup. This was recommended by Dr T. He did say he will also take a 295cc in just in case the 330cc is too big. I have quite a narrow chest and i like the upper pole fullness which is why i decided on round rather than anotomical. How about you? When is your surgery?
  14. Hi Pat.k I am booked for surgery with Dr Tavakoli on 7 October. Less than 2 weeks to go!!!! Experience so far has been fantastic. I have my last appointment before surgery to finalise sizing etc on Tuesday (29th). ?
  15. Hi ladies I would love to join this group. I am booked with Dr Tavakoli on 7th October. I am very excited and a little nervous. Looking forward to following everyones journey.
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