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  1. It's happening

    Who was your surgeon? (Perth)

    Mark Duncan Smith was amazing I had a very easy recovery which I put down to his skills during surgery.
  2. It's happening

    Eeeeek that feels weird!

    I have noticed the exact same thing tonight I am 9 weeks post op. Plus the lower pole over the implant feels a bit lumpy.
  3. I'm 163 cm and 60 kg bwd 12cm. I started out a very deflated 10c from breastfeeding. I got 325 hp under the muscle. I was fitted yesterday and I'm currently a 10e. Two people have asked me if I've had it done yet as u can t even tell in clothes. I didn t think I would get boob greed but I have to say it's real and even now I think I could have gone bigger. Go the biggest u can in my opinion.
  4. It's happening

    Bandages and Incisions

    I was told to soak the tape in cooking oil or baby oil for ten mins before removing the tape. It definately helped as mine was stuck on pretty tight.
  5. Mine was cancelled the day of surgery because of a sore throat. Do u have a temp as they will check and will have a borderline u need to be under.
  6. It's happening

    sooth itchiness?!

    I have the same tape with virtually no itching.
  7. It's happening

    Cold coming on & 10 days to surgery

    My ba was cancelled by the anaesthetist the day of surgery as I had a sore throat. He was reluctant to go ahead as any bugs in the throat can be moved into the lungs when they use the breathing tube which could result in pneumonia. I would go to the doctor and try to get on top of it.
  8. It's happening

    Post Op Numbness

    I am 10 days post op I have feeling everywhere but the outside lower qtr of both breasts. I had numbness across the whole bottom half but it's getting better every day.
  9. It's happening

    Post Surgery - Clothing, movement etc

    My surgeon put on a sports crop which I had to remove on day 2. I needed some help with that as it did not have a front opening. I just put singlets on mostly that I could pull up from my feet. From about day 6 I was fine to put stuff on over my head without help.
  10. It's happening

    Pain inside the bottom/side of boobs

    I have this exact same thing hate getting up in the morning because of the pain in my left side. I have to apply pressure to it and after I move around for a while it goes. I'm 9 days post op.
  11. It's happening

    left is higher? (picture)

    I'm 9 days post op and my left is slightly lower than my right. I thought maybe because I'm right handed and the muscle is tighter on that side.
  12. It's happening

    Mark Lee girls- massage??

    I saw my surgeon yesterday the only massage I have to do is the incisions once the tape comes off. Twice a day for 2min. Basically to ensure smooth scars.
  13. It's happening

    Did you ever feel like you were going too big??

    I am the same height but 60 kg I had 325 HP unders on Thurs and now that the swelling has gone down they are very natural and on the small side. My breast width was 12. And I was a deflated c cup to begin with.
  14. It's happening

    Light headed and nauseous

    I was at Cambridge Day Surgery across the road from St John of God Subiaco. I'm also just taking panadol and antibiotics. I feel much better this afternoon too thank goodness. I'll see u s friend request if that's ok.
  15. It's happening

    Light headed and nauseous

    carli1988 we had our op s a day apart mine was also in Perth. My neighbour just bought me down some oils for nausea that I'm using through a diffuser it is helping a little. How is your recovery going otherwise? Are u still wearing the surgical stockings my ps said a week which was a lot longer than I expected.