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  1. I was one of the 'lucky ones' with little to no pain.... day of surgery I slept all day. Day 1 post op I had a follow up appointment but then had another lazy day at home and slept for half the day, watched tele in bed by 5pm. Day 2 post op, I had another follow up appointment. I felt good in the morning. Came home, has a shower (it was just water running over my legs and the occasional splash on my shoulders.) Went and visit someone for 30 minutes and then I was back in bed by 5/6pm. My shoulder were aching!!!!! Day 1 and 2, I was emotional in the evenings - no idea why- maybe medication (?) Day 3 post op- all changed. I felt fine! Mum picked me up, went to the shops for a couple of hours, stayed for dinner and had take away Chinese. Stopped pain meds other than the occasional panadol. Onwards and upward from there. I'm now post op day 9. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. X
  2. I have one of those curved 'v' shaped pillows, with another pillow behind No side sleeping for 4 weeks only sleeping on my back However comfy.
  3. Fern

    This is it!

    only 2 days to go!!!! Get excited good luck ? x
  4. Eat natural. Steer clear from garlic and onions 10 days prior to surgery. Obviously most dishes have some sort of garlic or Onion, garlic/onion powder and can't be completely avoided, just don't add extra, or have garlic/onion orientated dishes. Garlic and onion have an effect with blood thinning and can have affect with bruising. I stuck with steak and mash. Or chicken and veg. Eat a good size naval orange daily! And Lemon juice, fresh squeeze with mineral or soda water and a dash of sugar. Super high in vitamin c, and natural too. Good luck x
  5. I had a sneak peak at your time line! I'm only at day 5, however I'm following your same pattern thus far!!! Day three very similar, and today a little softer and better shape.. so helpful, thank you xx I was a 10b, and went with 360cc hp, overs. Yours look great! I hope mine turn out similar Xx
  6. Medicare covered just over 50% on my cosmetic consultation. My consult was $140 and I got back $72. I definitely still go! Get the rebate and go for a second consult elsewhere for a second opinion. Ie sizing, procedure technique and different advice! Just think how clued up you'll be on the procedure! ? Yeah, it sucks you'll 'lose' $80/90 towards a consult but see It as a positive for gaining more knowledge and money already spent - no not wasted! Good luck!!! Xx
  7. Hello. I'm 176cm tall, 54kg, size 10b, good tissue, pinch test 2cm. One thing people haven't mentioned is the size of your chest drop. 'Apparently' average (or good length) from collarbone to nipple is 7-8cm. I am 9cm one side and 9.5cm the other. So I have a rather long chest (apparently... but looks normal to me! lol) I chose 360cc hp. I wanted under muscle/dual plain but left the decision up to the surgeon when he got 'in there'...punt, so to speak.. hehe. I ended up with above muscle, under tissue and gland, 360cc hp. Being small chested/frame, surgeon said that going under muscle I'd have very wide set breast, or implants might/more than likely 'migrate' sideways and that's something I didn't want and was discussed in length prior to BA. Currently only 5 days post op, pain level 1-2 out of 10, feeling fine! Taking 1 X panadol fort 3 times daily, I have to stop myself from using my arms because I'm not in any pain. Swelling has reduced I think 50% (at least!) Since surgery day. Currently wearing a 10E compression bra on the last/widest clip setting. So I assume by week 6, after some settling I'll be a 10d/10dd. Looking natural and I really like them ☺ .. here's to the next 6 week adventure!
  8. I'm at post op day two. Been for my second post op check at the clinic. I do not have another check up until day 7 post op. Feeling ok today, a little bloated and a light head ache. Gee i wish this bloating would pass! Hoping tomorrow I'll feel better again. I have two weeks off work, and I know it's only day 2, but there is no way I'm driving any time soon! I'm really really nervous about going back to work as it can be physical. Fingers crossed it's a quiet first week back! Has anyone had terrible bloating? Anything you suggest ? X
  9. I had a consult and surgery booked with TCI, however I canceled. The most recent 'gossip' is a puncture to the plural cavity causing collapsed lung. I was coming from WA, flights plus 10 nights accommodation, car higher and surgery came to 10k (plus eating). I'm staying home and it's come to just short of 13k. Plus I have just found out my consult was 60% covered by medicare and my private health insurance covers my post op bras and BA lingerie in the future. Plus I was told to put a claim through for hospital fees. So with that deduction Just with the consult cover and 100% back on my bras I feel like I'm already winning! And while staying home, I have 4 follow up consults in the first two weeks-free! Good luck! Go with your gut feeling and you'll be fine x
  10. My private health insurance covered my post op bras and if I buy "breast augmentation specific bras" (they are pretty and sexy like regular bras too) I'm covered for $500 pa. Woo! Private health says they cover percentage of my room fees and anaesthetic, am still yet to claim - watch this space. .. But implant and surgeon fees, no unfortunately... I got 60% back for the consultation from Medicare. I wasn't expecting anything - but no harm in asking! Pleasant surprise!
  11. I chose not to go ahead with my surgery with TCI. They refunded everything, including consultation. I understand why people would still choose TCI - I've decided to not go through TCI and go through a different ps/cosmetic Institute and it's costing 14k, vs $5990. TCI did refund my money. Very greatful that they did refund me.. even though they (read) the very well rehearsed speel on why I had nothing to worry about. Still, it's a business and understand that the media must had a massive impact on their business and I still wish them well. - it just wasn't for me. Even with changing institutes and having a PS it was explained that the procedure is common under sedation and not GA - Its the patients choice.
  12. I work in the medical industry and have complete understanding on Sedation and GA. I just wanted to know further details on where the investigation is heading and/who we could contact to find out. Very unlikely that you are going to touch a surgery sight during a sedation as there are many techniques and type of sedation used. Even under sedation you can still lose your 'gag' reflex. This is not what I'm concerned about - just can not find actually factual information On the investigation.
  13. Can anyone share any info on TCI investigation? How true allegations are, the norm on procedures, GA vs Sedation? Or who we contact to find out if they are still under investigation or if the whole lot is bogus? ... many thanks! X
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