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  1. Picojunie

    Laying on my side...

    How are you going now Joadster? I'm six weeks post op on Wednesday but I've been sleeping on my side again for a few days without any discomfort. The on,y thing bothering me at the moment is back pain if I walk around too much! xx
  2. Picojunie

    Joadster's BA Journey

    They are my beautiful little mates. We lost our last silky after 17 years last year and they were a gift to heal my broken heart. I adore them, so hence the name! They follow me absolutely everywhere! Still, I'd better change my nickname on here soon or Husband will pitch a fit 😁 I hope you're still going okay @Joadster xx
  3. Picojunie

    Joadster's BA Journey

    Haha! I think that would be even worse! Nice to meet you Jodi ☺️ P.S. Here is the real Pico and Junie ☺️
  4. Picojunie

    Joadster's BA Journey

    Want to hear something funny @prue and @Joadster? Pico and Junie are my dogs' names...my husband just told me to change it, reckons it's wrong to be using the pups names talking about boobies πŸ˜‚ My real name is Kelly, but I hate it and prefer Kel, so I'll probably change it. Off topic, but I thought it would make you both giggle πŸ˜‰
  5. Picojunie

    Joadster's BA Journey

    @Joadster How wonderful! Here's to a fantastic recovery!
  6. Picojunie

    Was it worth it?

    I totally agree @Joadster! I wish I had done this a couple of years after my last baby was born, (she's ten now) - best decision I've made in a long time, to actually spend some money on me for a change! How are you feeling?
  7. Picojunie

    Four weeks tomorrow: update

    You poor thing, I'm sorry. I know that crappy feeling, I've been a bit down and frustrated recently so I really sympathise. I hope your little girl is okay? Take care of yourself too though, my doctor used to tell me that the best thing mamas can do for their kids is make sure they're okay too. My youngest slammed her finger in the door while she was away camping just after Christmas with friends, it ended up getting infected and she had to have her nail drilled to release all the muck, and watching her in so much pain was horrible. I hope you get some sleep tonight and that tomorrow is a better day @prue, thinking of you.
  8. Picojunie

    Four weeks tomorrow: update

    Hahaha! @Joadster I just went and sat in our pool yard with my legs hanging over the side to grab some peace and quiet while I had a coffee, and the water has gone from crystal clear this morning to blue...but hazy. I know most of it is sunscreen, but still, I've had seven kids (+ one husband) in and out of it all day so, ew 😷. It was 42 degrees here today and I would have loved to have a dip wearing new swimmers but I'm just not keen on the idea because a nurse to,d me that we are sitting in our own muck when we submerge ourselves in water and I honestly almost spewed at the thought! That rock hard feeling is crap, because the only time we experience it is when we are feeding so your brain is constantly telling you to go and feed your baby...only it's not milk and I'm pretty sure my kids are well beyond breast feeding stage...this isn't America, after all πŸ˜‰ I've even had a couple of let down sensations, so the memory is a powerful one! Take care, I'm so pleased for you as I know how nervous you were and I totally got it. I'm going to upload a four week photo tonight sometime to see if they've dropped xoxo
  9. Picojunie

    Four weeks tomorrow: update

    Cop a feel @prue, trust me, it's very informative πŸ˜‰ I've discovered that all boobs feel different! I'm so sorry you've hurt yourself, but don't be angry at yourself, it's impossible to stop yourself from reacting on reflex when our entire lives are spent learning to immediately respond when we see an accident coming...it's a big part of being a mum! How are you feeling today? Any more swelling? I'm not game to get in the pool yet, I'm too worried about my incisions. Plus the kids have been in there and I know how gross they are πŸ˜‚
  10. Hi girlies, It will be four weeks tomorrow for me since I had my BA, I only had 385cc rounds on both sides and I've had a pretty good recovery so far. I still have some numbness underneath both breasts, but I think the sensation is slowly returning. I'm still taking panadeine at night time, but only if I've had a reasonably active day. I find I seem to have swelling - not much - if I overdo it so I have to remind myself to take it easy, but it's usually gone by the morning. I have to be very careful making sudden movements with my arms because of the pulling on my chest muscles which causes pain, but nothing too worrisome. I'm sleeping flat now, and tilted a little bit to the side, sometimes propping up my side with a pillow (I can't remember now who gave me that advice but it was a wonderful idea to allow me to sleep almost on my side ☺️). Some negatives: Tiredness: I'm still very lethargic, might be the anaesthesia still, or just the hot weather, or hormones, but I'm very slow to get around sometimes, lacking a bit of motivation maybe? Not sure, but either way it's a bit annoying, but tolerable. Time: I'm impatient, I want them to soften up and settle much faster, even though I think they already have quite a bit. This is totally a first world problem and I need to get the hell over myself πŸ˜‰ I do think they've started to soften a bit, and my right side is a bit lower already. I don't really know what real boobs feel like because I've never had much tissue, so I have asked a couple of my friends for a feel exchange. Pretty funny, spending time with my fiends feeling each other's boobs! I think mine are getting there, but I know there are lots of changes to come. Back pain: This makes sense, more weight. Definitely not bad, but I take nurofen if it really bothers me. That being said, nurofen can cause fluid retention I've heard, which is another thing I'm dealing with although see above: hot weather and hormones could be the culprit there. Thrush: worst I've ever had it, maybe the antibiotics, gone now but it was annoying and uncomfortable for about a week and a half. Positives: BOOBS. Enough said. Actually no, my shirts keep riding up which I find annoying, but then I remember that it's because I now have much bigger cans πŸ˜‰ This forum: Has been such a wealth of information, absolutely invaluable, and I'm so grateful for everyone's insights, shared stories and advice. Holidays: I'm really enjoying the long term break so I can focus on recovering and spending time with my family. I hope everyone else is recovering well! How are you going @prue?
  11. Picojunie

    Consultation done.... Surgery Tomorrow!!

    Awesome @Joadster! So exciting for you, I hope you're not feeling too nauseated, the endone and panadeine forte really got me the first night but I was all good the next day. Morning boob for me started the next morning too so make sure you surround yourself with lots of pillows and roll over toward your side to get up (that's what I had to do for a few days). Can't wait to see how you progress, and I'm so glad your nerves settled and you came out the other side all good. So wonderful for you 😊 xxx
  12. Picojunie

    Consultation done.... Surgery Tomorrow!!

    Best of luck @Joadster, we will be thinking of you! Honestly, once they put the first injection into your hand you'll immediately forget everything else and just wake up in recovery with your lovely new boobs. Take it easy on yourself for the next couple of weeks and come and ask any of us for advice as you need it. You're going to love them I'm sure xxx
  13. Picojunie

    3 weeks post op experience ls

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out very soon, I'm about to crawl into bed and rest my aching boobs no back! I'm exactly the same, I used to half sleep on my chest, and I keep going to roll over on my side as it feels so natural and comfortable before I hear my husband tell me to lay back again in case I wind up in pain the next morning 😫
  14. Picojunie

    invisalign / adult braces!

    I am too @imperfectly_lou, I have a consult with our orthodontist on 1st Feb, got the boobs done, hopefully they will distract people from looking at my teeth for two years πŸ˜‰
  15. Picojunie

    3 weeks post op experience ls

    Thanks for posting this @prue, it's good to know we are not alone in still feeling a bit ordinary. I had about a week when I could ease off the pain relief, but since about Wednesday last week I've been feeling crappy again. I'm aching by the end of the day, the itchiness and tightness is irritating me, and I'm so tired all the time. We drove to Sydney and back today and now I'm so exhausted I can hardly move. All we did we hang around at Eastgardens and the airport for a bit before driving home, my husband did all the driving, but I'm still knackered and aching. I'm a side sleeper and I'm so over sleeping on my back propped up, it's hurting my neck and uncomfortable no matter what I do. I'll be three weeks on Wednesday, hopefully it won't be much longer before I start to feel better. Oh, and after I did my first proper massage session I one up the next day sore and a bit swollen! I thought it was suppose to help with the settling!