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  1. Hello Ladies I had my first BA in Perth last year i was wanting a full E cup and was recommended 500cc high profile implants placed under the muscle, i was happy with the results but as they began to settle into place and drop they reduced in size and i ended up with a double bubble effect i was told it would improve with massaging but one year later and the problem had gotten worse. I'm 168cm tall with broad shoulders so i can take a good size I'm hoping to go with 700cc implants im a tad scared of going any bigger and possibly with ultra high implants this time. I read about internal bras with strattice but its been difficult to find someone in perth that can do this so im looking to head over to phuket for the surgery. Any girls out there that have got large implants and what has been your experience having a second BA? any recommendations ? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi Ladies, I got my first BA in Perth last year went with 500cc high profile mentor gel implants under the muscle i was first stoked with the outcome but unfortunately I've developed the double bubble effect i want to get larger implants as the 500cc wasnt as big as i hoped ended up a DD im aiming for 700cc maybe with the ultra high implants with possibly a mini breast lift and internal bra if needed... anyone out there that was been to PIAC? recommend any particular surgeon? Thanks in Advance
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