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    435cc hp overs
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    Dr Ali hussein
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    174cm. 75kg
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  1. Hey guys I have the same worry about mine going saggy as I was saggy deflated c cup before surgery and full of stretch marks so iv been told to only massage the sides of my breast to no encourage them to drop low but still real worried I'm going to put photos up
  2. Yes I went in at 11 how's your recovery going
  3. I'm 175cm and 76kg I'm a size 12. I was a deflated c my surgeon recommend I go with 435cc hp I was so worried about them being to big but I'm glad I went that size it's suits my figure us tall girls can pull it off and now it makes my waist look smaller. I'm 12 days post op and loving my new boobs
  4. I'm 12 days post op with Dr Ali and got told today to start massage only on my sides to bring them closer together
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