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  1. Yes he did. During my consultation he said that my concerns are valid and that we should always ask our surgeon about this regardless of what procedures you get. However, he also assured me that keloids rarely develop in the central face. He goes on to explain on scarring and how it develops. On my end, I was happy and relieved that I never got to experience it. My concern came out of the fact that I developed a small keloid scar when I had my chicken pox. Thankfully it was not the same with the incision i had in my nose job.
  2. I agree that you do have to research your doctor. I found dr andrew kim's website, http://www.advancecosmetic.com/eng, if you are interested in learning more about his credentials. I commend people who do take the time to research before diving into surgery. Word of mouth is just as important. And on my part, I know of several friends who have good personal experience under Dr. kim. And I myself have had my procedure by him after learning of those accounts and doing my research as well. But I am not saying that you to him right away, weigh your options. Go with who makes you feel comfortable. For me, this surgeon gave me the treatment option that I was comfortable with. just my two cents
  3. One of the doctors i went to is dr andrew kim, he gives free consult. I went to three though. It pays to know what other surgeons have to say, or learn how their treatment plans are so that you will have a variety of choices and you can pick which one is a more suitable option based on your circumstances. Scarring is def a thing for me as well and I have always been apprehensive about surgery because of it. You can bring that up though during consultations. I believe there are certain injections that can help remove or tone it down?
  4. Hi holly! Have you had a rhinoplasty done? or is this not in the cards for you given that you scar badly. I have some keloid scars on my knees.
  5. you really look more rejuvenated and youthful. It's a dramatic improvement. I am also happy with my results but I had my upper eyelids done though, but with another surgeon. I do agree that the eyes do speak a lot about a person! And right now, it is speaking positively of me.
  6. I had my procedure done with dr andrew kim and I am really happy with the result since it looked natural and appropriate on my other features on my face. I'm sorry with what happened on your surgery. dr kim, i believe, has free consultations.
  7. i just had my double eyelid surgery done with dr andrew kim of advance cosmetic, and i did it with a rhinoplasty procedure. I am very happy with my results, and I was also happy that I was healing quite well for the past months. I can message you the cost of the procedure. To make things short, it was money well spent.
  8. My friend had her double eyelid surgery done my Dr. Andrew Kim. She was so happy with the results, and I should say so myself it did fit her well. She was Korean, and it was nice that it did not westernize her eyes, but rather, improve its overall appearance. She was the one who convinced me, to go to dr kim for my rhinoplasty - which I also loved by the way . I had no problems with my recovery so far, I think my friend had no problems with hers too. I would vouch for dr kim.
  9. Are some people prone to developing scars than others? I just had my procedure two months ago, thank God it's looking okay since then.
  10. This is why I am apprehensive about getting a nose job in other countries. I am worried about the follow-up. It's sad to hear about your story. I have considered it before, but after learning that most patients come back for follow-up check-ups or corrections, I think it's good to have someone readily available and more reachable i guess.
  11. hi girl! Can you hit me up on how much dr greensmith charges for a rhinoplasty? Have you gone to him already? I went to doc andrew kim of advance, but I am also checking out other docs/clinics.
  12. wow this is actually something I am also curious about. Although I haven't got an actual consultation myself, but I think my case involves both cosmetic and medical reasons as well, should I get a rhino. Where are you getting it done?
  13. Hi! im new here and I am very much interested in getting a rhinoplasty. However, i still have so many questions about it. But to start off, what is the first thing i should consider when preparing for it? How do I know if I'm a good candidate?
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