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  1. I was diagnosed with breast ptosis and I had a BL + BA with Dr Boonchai in Thailand. I couldn't afford the surgery in Australia, a decent surgeon was going to cost me at least $15,000, and I wasn't eligible for the medicare rebate, and my private health insurance didn't cover elective surgery. All up it was $9000 for flights, accommodation and BL + BA. I'm so so happy with my results and after having surgery at Phuket International, I would go back in a heart beat. The hospitals are sooooo clean, the staff are so caring and the surgeons are incredible. I know surgery abroad isn't for everyone, but for me it was the best option. If you have a good credit history you can apply for finance through Cosmedi Tour and they can package your flights, accommodation and surgery. Best of luck with your decision.
  2. Hi Zoneone Have PPSI added you to the private Facebook group? There are heaps of girls on there, I had surgery with Dr Boonchai while he was still there, but there heaps of girls on there that have had surgery with Dr V Flick them an email and ask them to add you if they haven't already. The hospital is incredible and the staff are amazing. Best of luck with your surgery. xx
  3. Hi elhartley88 If you're willing to travel interstate, Dr Eddy Donna is renowned for fantastic BL + BA's and I think he's around the $10k mark, but from memory I think he likes to do two separate procedures, BA (heal), then BL. Best of luck
  4. Hi Oct16 You must be so excited! I had a BL + BA with Dr Boonchai while he was working in Phuket, he is an amazing surgeon. My surgery cost 210,000 baht, which at the time equated to around $8,500 aud. Much better than the quote I received in Australia which was just under $18,000. I paid in cash on the day of my surgery. In terms of pain, it's pretty uncomfortable for the first 1 - 2 weeks, but it begins to settle after that. The medication keeps your pain under control, and it's not nearly as bad as you imagine. However, if your only have a BA, you'll probably be find within a few days - 1 week.
  5. Hi elhartley88 I had a consult with Dr Christopher Allen at St John of God, and I was quoted just under $18,000 for a breast lift + implants. Unfortunately that was a lot more than I expected so I went to PPSI in Phuket and had a breast lift + implants with Dr Boonchai. I was out of pocket $10,000, but this included flights and accommodation. I know travelling overseas for elective surgery isn't for everyone, but it's definitely worth considering if money is a factor. I have also heard a lot of good feedback about Dr Mark Lee who is a plastic surgeon based in Perth. I was completely terrified of the scars and I thought they would look terrible, but I'm nearly 6 months PO I can barely see them. It took a few months to regain feeling in my nipples, and they are quite sensitive, but I was told it would improve over time. Recovery was amazing and I was sleeping on my tummy within 3 months. I was a super saggy 14D to start with, and now I'm a full and perky 14E. I had 325L and 350R over the muscle implant. I hope the above information helps. Best of luck.
  6. Hi I totally agree with the girls above...I also had surgery in Phuket, December of last year, BL + BA with Dr Boonchai. The facilities are amazing, and the hospital is spotless. The staff are super kind and friendly, and constantly went out of their way for me. I can say I would honestly choose Phuket International Hospital over any hospital in Australia. Unfortunately there is a chance of developing an infection anywhere, Australia or Thailand. I can't fault Phuket International Hospital and if I chose to have further work done in the future I wouldn't think twice about going there to have it done. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Hi I had Dr Boonchai for BL + BA in December last year. He is an amazing doctor and I could not be happier with my results. Professional, friendly, and straight to the point. I had so much faith in Dr Boonchai that I asked him to pick my size (350cc) and placement (overs). Unfortunately he is no longer at PIAC (now PPSI), he is in Bangkok and working out of Bangkok9. I have heard plenty of good reviews about Dr Narupon, you'll be happy and safe with either surgeons. Good luck with your decision.
  8. I totally agree with mum05 I had a BL + BA with Dr Boonchai in December and he is an amazing surgeon, you could honestly not pick anyone better. Unfortunately having a BL + BA means scars but Dr Boonchai's stitching is beyond incredible. I have dark skin and scar even when I scratch myself on something. I am 8 weeks PO and I can barely see the scars.
  9. @truth At the end of the day these are all risks you should be well aware of before having surgery overseas and their risks you have to be willing to be responsible for should you choose to have surgery overseas. Everyone knows the health systems in our home countries won't help us should something go wrong. Everyone knows once you leave the country you've have surgery in it's going to be hard to communicate any problems and issues. It is a matter of luck because nothing in life is guaranteed. It doesn't just come down to the hospital or surgeon, it also comes down to how our body reacts to the surgery and whether or not it accepts the implants. There are thousands of variables everyone should consider, and hundreds of consequences to be considered too. I'm going to end the conversation because we're going around in circles. Be realistic and consider the consequences because complications can and will happen to some of us and we need be accountable for our actions. You chose to ahead with the surgery knowing what could go wrong and that if something did go wrong, treatment in your home country would be near impossible.
  10. You didn't learn the hard way, unfortunately you were just unlucky. There are thousands of girls on here who have had their surgery overseas and would do it again in a heart beat . If girls want to find the horror stories and bad reviews they can, their easy enough to find, but if their asking for advise about a specific hospital and a specific surgeon we should give them the advise they've asked for. The 3 links you posted are all for Dr Ringkit and you've posted the same links multiple times in multiple threads on multiple websites and forums so I assumed he was your surgeon. If someone asks about that Doctor or the hospital you went to give them your advise by all means. Everyone knows there's a pretty side and a scary side. You could have had the same issue in Australia, sure the aftercare may have been better and legal action may have been easier but surely you knew by going to Thailand for surgery if anything went wrong these things would be near impossible, but again that's the choice you made. I don't want to argue and please believe me when I say that, I just don't want you to turn the forum into a personal vendetta and try to frighten everyone interested in going to Thailand for surgery. All I'm saying is elective surgery is risky business regardless of where it is performed, there's dodgy surgeons and shitty hospitals everywhere. There's horror stories and inspiring stories. You could end with your dream boobs or your worst nightmare but we've took the risk and all you can do is hope luck is on your side.
  11. I'm sorry @Truth I have to say something else. I've looked through your activity log just out of curiosity and almost every single contribution you have made to the forum has been negative. Women have shared their positive experiences, some even posting their transformations which look incredible, but you will then post a story about a negative experience and a photo of a transformation gone wrong. It just seems so negative and I feel as though just because you have had a bad experience you feel as though you need to scare the life out of everyone. The three links that you've posted above, you've posted those same horror storied multiple times on different threads. I don't feel as though you should let your negative experience ruin it for other girls on the forum. Once again I totally sympathise with you but you it's not okay for you to be so negative all the time. I just had to put that out there.
  12. @Truth I totally empathise with your story and I'm sorry for what you've had to go through but I disagree what you have to say and I think it's unfair your trying to scare someone out of something that could potentially make them happier than they have ever been before. Having a BL + BA is something I have wanted since I was 18 years old and at the age of 27 I decided to act and 18 months ago I began my research, THOROUGH research. Through my research I discovered Dr Rungkit and Bangpakok9 International Hospital had several particularly bad reviews and the more and more I read it was clear this was not a hospital and surgeon I would trust with my life. I continued my research and continued to research Phuket International Hospital + PIAC and came across very few bad reviews, and those that were negative were not life threatening or health related, they focused on customer service. You should never ever rely on the hospitals information you need to do your own research. If it says the surgeon has released a paper, find the paper. If it says the surgeon has completed study overseas find evidence of this or request evidence. The website always lists the university the surgeon attended and their graduation date, this can be easily confirmed by finding the graduation list for that university in that particular year, and If it says they are a member of a particular board, find the board and find their name. In regards to people buying fake degree's, i think thats a bit of baloney. Regardless of whether you have a fake piece of paper you can't pretend to be a plastic surgeon and I just can't see that happening. Sure Thailand doesn't have the tight regulations Australia has but Australia still has corruption and as long as you have money you can usually buy your way out of a bad situation. I just think it's so unfair to say NO to surgery abroad when I can honestly say Phuket International Hospital is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately and as awful as this sounds, if something does go wrong, if we get an infection, if we end up ill, if we end up botched, we have no one to blame but ourselves because that is a risk we have chosen to take. Every hospital whether local, interstate or overseas has a risks and complications page that should be read by anyone considering surgery, because each risk and complication is a possibility. I have seen so many women on this forum who have had surgery in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane who have developed life threatening infections, golden staph and some women who have had to have their implants removed. It's shocking and terrifying but it can happen anywhere but I will say again and again I can't see anything like this every happening at Phuket International and I think anyone else who has been there would be agree with me. TCI in Sydney has had two women in the last 24 months go into cardiac arrest, both women could have died. During my research I found a medical journal that stated Phuket International hospital, to this day has not had one death that has been the result of elective plastic surgery or one death that has been related to the use of GA. Should I choose to have further surgery again in the future, regardless of price, I would choose PIAC every time and I think if you had of done just a bit more research you most definitely would not have chosen Bangpakok9 and Dr Rungkit.
  13. Hi Milkers I didn't see Dr Narupon but I did see Dr Boonchai. If you want to keep costs down I would advise you to book your surgery through the hospital directly, don't go through a cosmetic travel agent. We also found our accommodation on air bnb. It was a hotel but the price was much less than others in the area and it was a lovely hotel. Lemonade Phuket in Chalong. I had a BL + BA on the 21st December and went back to work on 11th January with no problems, but i do have an office job that does not require any lifting etc. Dominque will be able to give you some feed back on Dr Narupon. I know there is one girl on the forum who saw Dr Narupon and her results are incredible, her username is DroopyLou, you should be able to search for her. Good luck with everything
  14. Any hospital whether it is abroad or in Australia can and will have it's downsides. The one hospital I can't pick a fault with though is Phuket International. The above links focus on Bangkok hospital. Phuket Internationak is clean, runs like clock works. The nurses are amazing, kind and so professional. The surgeons are highly qualified and are just as good, if not better than some of the surgeons in Australia. Dr Narupon is brilliant and I have seen some amazing results on the forum (I had BL + BA with Dr Boonchai, December 2015). When you book your surgery they will ask you to stay for a recommended time period, mine was 14 days. The above links show some really scary stories but I have seen the same kind of incidents occur with girls who have had surgery in Australia and paid twice as much money. Unfortunately there is no guarantee but I feel like you come pretty close to one at PIAC. Goodluck
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