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  1. They didn't do a catheter because of risk of UTI. I was happy to risk it but they wouldnt let me. I am 3 weeks post op now. Feel amazing. Walking for an hour every day which is not making my swelling any worse. I continue to eat well and avoid salt all together.
  2. My 3 c/ sections were far worse than my TT. I am 3 weeks post op and feel way way better than my c/sections. I focussed on my health and fitness prior to my TT and with the help of my personal trainer and my naturopath have breezed through my TT. I only took pain killers for 5 days. Slept in my bed from night 4 post op and walked straight from day 5 PO. I had 2/emerg c/sections and 1 elective all within 4 years.
  3. Well today is 10dpo!! I feel fantastic. I will break down my story. Surgery: I was very well looked after prior to surgery. Had the leg stockings and these weird pump things put on my lower legs. Wheeled into the theatre and sent off to sleep after being marked up earlier. I woke after just under 3 hours of surgery. I had oxygen mask on and felt sick. I felt yuck. I had personal pain pump that administered 1mg of morphine as I required and pressed the button. I pressed it 3 times in recovery. I felt yuck!!! My sister was waiting for me on the ward (8:30pm when I left recovery) and I tried to keep my eyes open whilst complaining about how sh*t I felt. I changed to the nasal prongs for oxygen so I could sleep better, or I thought it would help. I dozed on and off too about 2 am when the morphine had worn off and I felt like the "fog" had lifted. When I realised it was the morphine making me feel crap I stopped using it. I had to pee using a bed pan which was the hardest thing ever! Mentally!! I had to get the nurse to turn the tap on and set the mood lol!! I eventually pee'd. And felt better. Back to sleep again and pee again at 5 am. I still was not allowed to eat or drink so it had been almost 24 hours. My mouth was dry and my lips very very dry. The morning nurse helped me go to the real toilet and I was expecting terrible pain but I didn't have much! Nothing like my c/sections. I just used panadol and endone to control multi pain and an anti-inflammatory for the first 5 days then no pain killers. I ate and drank the morning after surgery. I had a protein bar before the pain killers. Snoozed in the hospital on and off. It was so loud I left after 2 nights (surgery wednesday evening discharged fri morning) home was great! I kept hydrated and taking all my natural medicines. I have.been eating no salt and clean eating. I have been taking stool softeners morning and night. It was weird using my bowels afterwards. Tmi but can't push much so a lot of waiting lol. I have been standing up straight since day 3po. I nave my 2 cg's. I carried my drains around in a pillow case tip 4 dpi when they got chopped and left about 20cm hanging to drain on to gauze. The 4 days after surgery I only lost 20 ml of fluid from each drain. I had my first shower when the drains came out on 8dpo. That was painless btw. So now I feel great! I sleep in bed with 3 pillows and last night realised I could lay slightly on my sides!! Woohoo! I am so happy with the results! If you are in instagram follow my progress. Ajaydrapes is my user name. Oh btw he cut off 1kg of skin!!
  4. Good luck chick!! Nerves are perfectly fine! It's fear of the unknown. You will be fine. Listen to your body and if you need the pain meds, keep them up! If not, don't
  5. Well i made it to the flat side! Had a hard time in recovery, the morphine made me feel horrible so when that wore off I felt much better. I had 1kg of flesh removed! I have seen a little bit of what I look like but the dressing is covering it. I have been up to the toilet a few times each time I feel stronger and more confident in what I can do. I go home tomorrow. Haven't seen my surgeon again yet. Anyway when I get home and on my PC I will pop the photos up of pre during and after surgery
  6. Today is surgery day! As I type that it still hasn't sunk in... Very surreal. Had a light breaky and my vitamins. Took arnica and will again before and after surgery. Still haven't packed admission time is 1:30 so I have plenty of time. I have Hayfever of all things!!! Omg!! Sneezing is going to be horrible!! See you on the flat side
  7. Surgery day for me! I am in the afternoon. Still feel its a fantasy really. Can't beleive it's about to happen. I am enjoying laying flat in my bed at the moment. Could be a while before I enjoy this. Hope you are all doing well with healing! See you on the flat side
  8. Just a few days out from the big day. Still can't wrap my head around the fact that it's so close. I am as prepared as can be. I have got a bunch of giant cushions for transition from recliner to bed. I started my vitamins my naturopath gave and start arnica 24 hours out from surgery. 2 days left of work and a sneeky final PT session with my trainer. I feel so weird about not going back to gym in weeks after surgery. I have a question for ladies on the flat side already. Do you have cotton singlet under your CG? Or is it trial and error finding how the CG feels on your skin and how you react. Also do you suggest giant grundies to contain the drains in?
  9. Had an appt with my naturopath and have all my natural therapys ready for pre and post surgery. I have arnica drops to take before and immediately after surgery every 4 hours. Also a strong solluable vit C and E to assist with healing and promote a soft scar. And also a combination of strong B group vit's for healing and connective tissues and assisting with the bodies shock after surgery. My naturopath also suggested avoiding morphine based pain killers as it can contribute to the depression often experienced post surgery. She suggested sticking to the anti-inflam's. I will speak to my surgeon on Wednesday regarding what else I can have whilst in hospital. So excited!! Only 12 days...
  10. I have mine in a week and a half. I have been told I will be dressed in my compression garment whilst still in theatre. I assume that because it's crotchless you don't wear underwear as such to start with, just 'freeball' and wear a long nighty to make life easier in that first week? I dunno, that's just what I guess I had planned. Then pop undies over top of compression garment as mine is zip and hookneye on both sides and from under boobs to knee.
  11. You look ah-Mazing! Thanks for sharing good luck with your next Thailand adventure
  12. Pardon me funny girl, but have you read the forum? I suggest you have a read over the pages and you will probably nice most members are female, but some men also. One of my male friends had his TT last year after 65kg weight loss
  13. Update on me just 2 weeks and 5 days pre surgery. I have been fitted for by compression garment which is not as tight or uncomfortable as I was expecting. I have my pre op appt with my PS in about 11 days. I have filled out my hospital paperwork and paid most of the surgery off already can. Not. Wait. I have a niggling shoulder injury from gym at the moment to try and get sorted before I have surgery as I know I will need upper body strength to help transferring to toilet and bed recliner etc. will take a load of before shots in a week and upload to pc. Wish we could upload from phone!
  14. Congrats to the most recent graduates from pre to post surgery so exciting seeing all the names tick over. Wishing you all a great recovery and getting acquainted with the new assets!! I have just paid most of my surgery and have by extremely non sexy compression garment. Have my final pre op PS visit in a week n half. Then 2 weeks and 5 days I will say a very happy goodbye to my giant belly.
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