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  1. I am 73kg and 168cm. I have 615 implants they make me look more in proportion to my bottom half.
  2. I think mine are looking good but wish they would dissapear
  3. I don't suppose anyone still comes into this page? How does everyone's incision scars look?
  4. Hilarious, I haven't been on here in months, turns out, I wrote on here, the night I had my revision, I had some blank spots from the day and have no recollection of writing on here.....ha ha ha revision was a breeze and loving my boobs now. hope everyone is well.
  5. Hey ladies, I haven't been on here in ages. i hope everyone is gong well. i just had revision today to manually drop my right as the scar tissue was holding the implant up to high. feeling really good, pain is no where near the initial surgery, hope it continues like this.
  6. I am considering laser Fraxel for my scars, a friend of mine had it for acne and was told it was great on scaring. another friend is looking at it for a big scar on her tummy, if her results come out good, I will get it too. do you know much about Fraxel?
  7. The numbness is from the nipple down to the crease and almost like a triangle, the nipple been the peak. They were all numb for the first 6 weeks then I got feeling back in the tops and it took about 3 months till I realised I had feeling in the entire left boob, so I am hoping the feeling will return in the right also. I was high risk symmastia as my real boobs were close together. I asked about double bubble, bottoming out, symmastia the usual suspects. He was excellent in my consult, I thought I had done alot of research before getting my boobs done, I told him what I wanted, big, round, full boobs good cleavage. (Thats how I found out about symmastia.) He measured me. Then gave me 2 options to try I new which ones I liked instantly, without knowing the size or projection, it was when learning the size that I freaked abit then second guessed it, but so happy that I went this size, I would be pissed if I went smaller. They dont feel as heavy as the sizers and done look as big as the sizers, they are juat a guage. And now in hindsight the cc number means nothing, i went from a small b to a dd/e I am a big girl, I am 65kg and 168cm.
  8. I had mine done with Dr Nguyen in October. He is great, he was very informative in my consult.He asked me what I wanted, I asked about all known risks, and he answered everything, I tried on sizers then he showed me how it balanced my body shape.My hips match shoulders my ass evenly projects and matches my top front, my side boob measures to my arm, so I am very in proportion. Once I was happy with the look he told me what I had chosen......615xhp my BWD was 15.4 I nearly died, I had in my head I wanted 450 mod's, so I tried a size smaller then looked in the mirror and didnt like it, So I went back to the 615XHP. I trusted his direction and I could not be happier they are perfect for me, I can hide them with clothes, or really get them out on show, I can make them look fake, but they are settling to quite a natural shape. I almost have full feeling back in my left, i do have feeling in both nipples, but my right underneath the right is still numb. I dont really know what the real deal feels like, but mine are fairly soft now and my new partner thinks they are "awesome" The difference between hp and xhp are the projection of them. If I can give you some advice, know what your risks are, ask about them thoroughly till you understand them, be clear with what look you want, if they cant deliver your desired result, keep looking. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  9. I am using the circa care silicone scar treatment, you can get it from chemist warehouse, it is amazing.
  10. I have used the circa care strips and the bepanthen since week 2, theses are my incisions at 6 weeks.
  11. I was a 12a/12b pre op, I went with 615XHP and I have ended up a 12E, but look more like a DD.
  12. I am using the circa care silicone strips on my incisions, I am 6 weeks today and my incisions are looking great. These are my beautiful girls, they are 6 weeks today, the right is still a little high and tight, but I love them. how is everyone else going?
  13. Hey Mama milks. i am 5weeks PO with TCI. i have always been a bit lame with my massage, in the week 1 massage I was a bit of a fairy with it, barely any pressure as I was scared and sore, by 3 weeks, I was more confident. When I started the incision massage I was again too scared to touch them, they felt terrible, but this last week, I have gotten better and have noticed that the boobs are getting squishy and now the incisions are slowly starting to soften. The bulk of the thick scar tissue has gone just need to keep at it daily.
  14. hey, I have just come out of my symmastia bra today and into a post op bra....yippee I am now in the strap for 2 weeks to help them drop. One has come along extremely well, the shape is awesome, the other is a little slower. I have been told also that I will more than likely go up a size when the muscle relaxes and the projection will increase.
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