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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr. Kenny at TCI parra 25th aug
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    163cm 60kg 10c

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  1. Hello, I had mine done on Tuesday @ TCI & I love them everyone there is so lovely!(I'm from Melbourne way) I will just say even if you feel good to be out walking to just be carful I am now so so sick coughing my guts up & feeling really weak & yucky, I think I picked up a bug in Sydney ?I hope your recovery goes amazing & you don't get sick ☺️
  2. Hello, I just had my op on Tuesday with dr. Kenny & I was borderline lift (I think mine were bad) but he informed me of everything & I'm only 23 & didn't want a lift either I got 485cc duel plane & I'm in love!!!, I know it's only very early days but my nipples are even & sitting up. I think if they inform you of everything it's really up to you. I can keep you updated if you like ☺️
  3. I'm so glad you are happy with yours! I am over the moon with mine already & I'm loving the size, i don't think we will shrink once we drop & fluff we will look bigger... ? I just can't get over the change! Dr. Kenny is amazing, he lowered my left pocket & somehow lifted the right (with out a lift lift if you know what I mean?) I got dual plane & my nipples are now sitting even. I know what you mean about feeling like a hottie, day one post op I walked into a fancy bra shop just to have a look & she asked me if I'd like to be sized & she said I look lovely & busty
  4. So sorry I didint get back to you I had a late flight last night, I went in @ 7:00am (first ?) I think all went well & am all ready very happy dr. Kenny Was amazing I went 450cc right & 485cc left. I had a bit of a walk around the shops after and feel fine ATM, sleeping is going to be hard! I also done a huge house clean & made hubs all his work food. I hope you are feeling ok
  5. OMG wow! I'm feeling ok about the op I think (for now) how are you feeling? Have they given you your time yet? What size are you thinking?
  6. I can't wait! 3 more sleeps ☺️I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa haha!
  7. Hello ☺️ I have mine on the 25th so I will up date my post on how it all goes
  8. Bethany please let me know how you go ☺️ Mine is next Tuesday with dr. Kenny
  9. I'm not sure if I'll get, I think I'll have to ask them abit more about it and what it really covers. Because if it only covers the $1000 surgical fee then I think I'll take my chance of cc & keep my $490 ☺️
  10. Hello, I have my surgery on the 25th of this month with dr. Kenny at TCI parra.. I haven't seen much of his work but have heard great things about him. I'm just wondering about the cc guarantee that TCI does for $490. It says it covers surgical costs, now is that the cost of everything (besides your own costs of getting there/stay there) or is it just covering the $1000 that is the surgical cost anyway?
  11. Hello, I have surgery with dr. Jim Kenny on the 25th of this month, & would like to know about other women that have had surgery with him too.
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