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  1. I'm a Dr B girl (not TBI) and I was told to take my tape off at two weeks post op then start using Strataderm straight away. Taking the tape off in the shower helped a lot. With the Strataderm a little goes a long way (small pea size for each side). That's all I have been using and my scars are looking great!
  2. Congratulations on your new boobies. Sorry to hear you had a reaction to the GA but glad it turned out well for you ?
  3. Everybody is different but I have four children and found the first 4 to 5 days to be the hardest. I'm 2 weeks post op today and would have to say the last 3 to 4 days I have found to be good. From day 5 onwards just gets a little better every day. I personally wouldn't be kicking a ball around yet mainly because I'd be worried about tripping over but I can walk around everywhere well and driving good now too. I had dual plane so not sure if that's makes a difference either.
  4. Thank you ladies. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi! I've been wearing my post op bras Marena and Design Veronique and as of tomorrow I don't have to wear them at night any longer, only during the day for another 4 weeks. I still would like to sleep with a bra on but was looking for something a little softer and a bit more comfy for bed. I've seen on here ladies talk about the Carefix Anna bra and wondered if anyone could tell me if it really is comfortable and soft (not so stiff like the ones I have now). Thanks ?
  6. I had my BA with Dr Broadhurst 2 weeks ago and love my results so far! The man is brilliant! Congratulations on booking your surgery, very exciting! ?
  7. How exciting for you! I took a pillow to put between my chest and the seatbelt. It made the car rides for the first few days so much more comfortable.
  8. I wasn't given antibiotics. Just pain relief. No drains for me either.
  9. thanks Subtle and discreet. Other than that my recovery is really good x
  10. I'm 12 days post op and not unwell at all. Besides armpit sore I feel fine.
  11. Under my left arm about 4 days post op started to really hurt. Went to my gp a few days later as I had some lumps under there develop. He said they are swollen lymph nodes and put me on antibiotics. Hurts to try and lift my arm past a certain point. Did anybody else experience this and if so how long until it got better? Going to call my PS on Monday and mention it to him too.
  12. My older three children (10, 8 and 6) would have noticed if I didn't tell them so I told them that the doctors were going to fix Mums boobies and they had seen how deflated and saggy they were so they were fine with it. My 2 yr old is very switched on but I was worried about her wanting me to pick her up so after it was done I told her Mummy had sore boobies and told her the doctor had to make them better. She calls him the boobie Doctor now.
  13. I didn't have any compression stockings
  14. hi MelR11 yours are looking great! Would you mind if I asked what size you got?
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