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    BA , 295cc overs
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    Dr Kollias 14 November 2015
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    168/ 58kg / deflated 10A
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    Factory worker

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  1. Molly


    Hi AmyG i had 295cc subfacial 6 weeks ago, friend request me if you would like to see my pics ?
  2. Hi Hannah1111 i had 295cc round overs, I started as not quite filling an A cup hoping to be a C cup now, although now I wish that I went a little bigger, he did say 325 would also be good for me. I highly recommend going the bigger size he suggests. I could never have imagined that I would suffer boob greed lol !!
  3. I highly recommend Dr Kollias, I am almost 1 month post op with him and could not be happier. He is a PS, does other stuff as well but his specialist field is breast reconstructive work.
  4. I am now almost 1 month post op with Dr Kollias. I couldn't be happier with him for my surgery, I highly recommend him to anyone Hun
  5. Defiantly go the bigger size Hun. I stressed so much before surgery, think I went into a panic attack about what size, was terrified about being to big, I chose the smaller option and wish I had now chosen the bigger size.
  6. Yay for another Kolias girl, I'm 3 weeks post op and couldn't be happier best thing I ever did. I had 295 rounds.
  7. Hey April6420 you'll be fine! He's a great surgeon, looking back now I don't know what I was so worried about!! Good luck. It'll all be over before you know it! ?
  8. Hi, I'm only one day post op with overs, so would also like some advice on what to expect. I'm still feeling very sore, the swelling is much better today but can't wait for this hardness to go away! I think everyone's recovery will be different, my surgeon said not to go back to work for two weeks, I asked if I could go back at one week and he hesitantly said yes on very light duties.
  9. Morning i had my choices given to me 2 weeks before surgery. I had 2 to choose between, and didn't actually get to try any on (he didn't have any samples on hand, only a 265cc) he recommended either 295cc or 325cc. He ordered both and said we would just choose the day of surgery. I was so nervous of the sizes without being able to try them, you really need to put your faith in your surgeon and their expertise, make sure they know exactly what look you are after and you should be ok. I had my surgery yesterday and I think I'm happy with them so far, I chose 295cc.
  10. Thank you all so much, needing that reassurance right now xx
  11. Ok everyone is it normal to have an absolute freak out before surgery!! Im going in on Saturday ( 2 days! ) and am starting to panic. I keep thinking what am I doing, what if I hate the result, they feel to weird etc and by then it will be to late. I'm a little scared about the whole surgery, thinking why am I putting myself through this, what if something goes wrong? Please tell me this is normal?!??
  12. Ahhhh I'm freaking out to I'm 58kg and 165cm I like to excersise a lot and am worried they will get in the way! My surgeon first suggested 295cc HP rounds then on the second consult suggested 325cc I don't want to have any regrets either way
  13. Hey april6420 and cheetah it really is great to meet more Adelaide girls seeing the same surgeon! This whole process is so nerve racking, it makes it so much easier to be able to talk to girls in the same situation. Good luck to both of you, can't wait to find out how you get on! ?
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