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  1. I went in August, the weather was BEAUTIFUL and i recovered perfectly... I wish i could go back and do it all again. You will have an amazing time!
  2. I had my surgery in Thailand and was pretty active (out and about) from day 3 post op. Yes it's hot and sticky over there, but i had lots of antibacterial wipes with me that i used. I would reccomend waiting until your incisions are fully healed so you can go for a swim and enjoy the holiday without worrying about catching any nasties. That was 3 weeks PO for me. Also... remember to use sunscreen on your scars!
  3. For the first 3 weeks mine definitely felt like i had stuffed socks in my bra. They didn't feel like "me" at all. You cant feel too much sensation from the inside out (or i didnt) but it feels weird for sure. After 3-4 weeks when theyre softer and have more movement you start getting used to them. Then from about 6 weeks (for me) they felt like my boobs again. Just relax and enjoy the journey girls.... i almost wish i could go through mine again! it was the most nerve wracking, exciting thing i have ever done. ENJOY IT
  4. DUBAICOS- advertising is not allowed on this forum. Reported.
  5. My left boob was more swollen, a lot more tender immediately post op, and still has some numbness to date. I call it my "dumb boob" lol. My emotions were erratic to say the least for about 6 weeks. Lozz makes a good point, you have essentially had 2 different surgeries and they react differently to the procedures. You are still in the early days so i wouldnt worry yet, just try and relax and focus on healing. xx
  6. La Senza will be able to measure you, but they dont tend to go above DD in most of their bras
  7. You're quite tall so i would start at 300 CC and add more/ take away if you need to
  8. I had a similar experience with my BA... it was my body spitting a stitch but i would suggest a trip to the DR just for peace of mind. Better to catch it early if it is something xxx
  9. love and hugs to your friend. She has so much support behind her on this forum and whatever she decides everyone here will be behind her 100% xxxx
  10. i know! and they look supportive too which is hard to find for the bigger boobied ladies
  11. I checked ebay too! the problem is I absolutely hate the lightly padded full cup bra's that tend to be offered to those of us above an E cup... I want push up and demi cup every now and then
  12. Girls, I have been searching and searching for a website that delivers internationally, is reasonably priced and offers great undies. I think i've found it... http://www.figleaves.com/us/home.asp?cm_re=header-_-leftlogo-_-logo It has soooo many options, from wire-free post surgery to Padded and underwired for when you can start to push the twins up and show them off Thank me later x
  13. HAHAHAHAHA Molros your comment just made my day. Thanks sweetie. Sonya this is an informative forum not a gossip website.
  14. Dear Destination Beauty, How nice of you to make an appearance on a public forum to defend your image. As i'm sure you have read my post seeing as you referred directly to me you will also have noticed that my account was fair and truthful. I credited my SURGEON with the succesful experience i had in Thailand. I could not fault Dr Dalip. But surely you also will have noticed that I explained Destination Beauty had absolutely nothing to do with that experience. Your "rep" was NOWHERE to be found during my 3 weeks in Thailand, she didnt even say one word to me. AND you changed my surgeon on the day, without telling me why.... oops silly me I also forgot to mention you put the cost up $5000 baht on the day even though I had it in writing that $99000 Baht was the most it would cost. I think you'll find that people here are not faulting Thai surgeons... we are faulting your company, due to your lack of communication with your customers before and after surgery. Also Martin, I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner in the beautiful city of Melbourne, how nice of you to have left your dinner early to film a segment on ACA's story to defend your company. Perhaps if you had dealt with the situation after the customer had returned from Thailand you would not be in this situation! Please go back to your facebook page now Bye Martin.
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