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  1. Thanks Donatella. Can I ask how you know him..through an op with him or someone you know? He doesn't have any before / after photos to show. I'm extremely u sure as to whether I should be seeing more opinions. I do have an appointment for Perry Burstin as well. A friend had an operation with him and was extremely happy. There is a huge wait though and will most likely be looking until January with him. With Dr Patrick Walsh it will be an op in October. I'm eager only because I have the nerve now. I'm over the migraines from my sinuses etc..still want to ensure I'm making the right decision.
  2. Hi ive had two unsuccessful nose operations..septo/ turb etc for sinus and septum work and also had a tip rhino done. Needless to say my surgery was a disaster! funds are low but I cannot handle any more sinus migraines or to look at the damage on my nose. I'm seriously obsessed with noises now and I need work done to fix it. ive seen an ent surgeon by the name of Patrick Walsh in st kilda who I really like. He did show me photos etc and said that after seeing my new ct scans I will have a but of work to do but it is fixable. i just cannot find any reviews on work he has done. I've got an a
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