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    Booked Yay any tips?

    I have had a Breast Reduction & Abdominal Lipectomy completed this year, four months apart. For both operations the Dr & his team supplied one compression garment free & I bought an extra one of each. So I had one natural colour & one in black. If you have a caring, concerned surgeon then they should supply the correct compression garment after the procedure. The garment for the breast operation was $100 & the bodysuit for the stomach operation was $200. It is imperative you have strong, supportive garments to deal with the swelling, the support you need & to help reduce scarring. If your Dr can't suggest the proper medical compression garments then I would be worried about his after care service. The after operation follow ups are extremely important in making sure you are healing correctly. In my mind, the correct garment is just as important as a successful operation so that you get the desired result. You wouldn't spend $500 on a beautiful ballgown & not have the correct bra & pants underneath as it is the overall look of poise & beauty you would be trying to achieve so therefore make sure you buy the correct garments for support & care. Good luck. My surgeon was Dr Choy (on this forum) so you could always ring his office to find out the correct compression garment. Bagwah