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  1. I was told 20 mins on and 40 mins off for the first 2 days to the top of your breasts. But not on your direct skin Im day 5 and still using occasionally. It feels nice and makes me rest for another 20 on the lounge :)
  2. Hi ladies i am 4 days post op and still taking endone or panadol every 4 hrs and Valium. Today was the first day I could go to the toilet myself. Slept 6 hrs during the day and still quite uncomfortable. Everyone is different. Everyday I feel a little better so just take it slowly x
  3. that's great. Just rest and let everyone do everything for you. Hardest part is not being able to cuddle my kids but they love kisses. You will be great. All the best. X
  4. I had surgery on Friday and have a 2 and 4 yo. My hubby took Friday and Monday off work and the kids in daycare Tuesday Wednesday. Definitely if you can get the kids cared for it will allow you to rest. I just slept 6 hrs today. Good luck hope all goes well x
  5. Hi ladies had my surgery yesterday with dr moradi and so happy with how everything went. I was really relaxed. Haven't had a chance to see them yet but keeping up with the meds and ice pack. The middle of my chest is sooo tight and uncomfortable. My hubby is being amazing and doing everything for me. Hope everyone is doing well and excited about your upcoming surgery x
  6. Annelisa

    August 2015

    I did it!!!!! So happy with how everything went. Everyone was so professional with a sense of humor. Dr moradi was amazing. Haven't seen them yet and had a pretty painful night but hubby is being amazing. Have him home for another 3 days to help me do everything. Feels like I have been hit by a truck but the meds help Lots of rest for me now x
  7. Annelisa

    August 2015

    It's great to hear everyone's stories. My BA is scheduled for tomorrow (originally 3 weeks ago but had the chest infection)! Very excited with a dash of nerves!!!!!
  8. Just thought I would post an update. I'm booked in for surgery this Friday and I am definitely more excited this time than freaked out like last time. There are still moments that I question myself but know I want it more than I don't. I am still deciding on the size either 295 or 330 textured anatomical but think I might go the bigger as the difference is only 9mm. I hope everyone is doing well and closer to a decision for those that are still unsure. X
  9. Annelisa

    August 2015

    Hi ladies those that went under general anaesthetic how long in total did it take from admission to walking out if the hospital ?
  10. Hi ladies! i was in the August group but I ended up getting a chest infection so rescheduled for September 11 with Dr Moradi at Park Clinic Sydney. I have 2 kids (4yo & 2yo) which I breastfed and am now a AA. I mi want a natural look so am going with anatomical and the surgeon suggested 280cc mod profile textured or 330cc high profile textured both behind the muscle. I don't have a lot of breast tissue and I don't want anyone to know that I have had BA so thinking the smaller size but haven't ruled out the bigger. Looking firward to chatting with you all as we go through this together x
  11. Annelisa

    August 2015

    Pepper9 what does the massaging do for you? I have a wedding 2 weeks postop. what level of movement or discomfort will I be in?
  12. Sezdoll just seeing how everything went with dr moradi. I have booked with him also. How are you feeling?
  13. Pink butterfly my surgeon suggested 280 cc mod profile tear drop as I wanted a natural look he said I would be a big b small c do you have any pics? rmccluskey my kids are the same age and my 2 yo is very clingy so hopefully not being able to lift him will change that! How did you go today?
  14. Annelisa

    August 2015

    good luck x good luck x Pepper9 I think I am nervous about the surgery but more scared about all the stories I have read about people explanting and feeling ill and having problems.
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