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  1. Chasing ladies with Brazilian Teardrop implants! How long before your boobs dropped and fluffed? When did you develop lower pole? How long before you developed a teardrop look?
  2. Nealey

    Bra size after BA

    Hi, I got measured up for a non padded no underwire sports bra one week post op as my surgeon said I don't need to wear the compression surgical bra after one week and to wear a crop bra (so my furries can drop) I measured to be a 10DD. Will I still be the same or will my size go down a size? The 10DD sports bra stil fits fine but I'm just scared that they will shrink. Thanks x
  3. Nealey

    225cc and miserable

    I know exactly how you feel! I'm 157cm and 51kgs I've got a very curvy bottom half compared to my top half of my body. I was a 10A pre op and wanted to go implants that put my body in proportion.. I wanted to go teardrop 385cc but my surgeon said no and put a limit on me so I went 350cc. They are a little bit bigger then what they were but my body is still out of proportion as that size didn't really do much. He offered that I could have gone bigger in the round but I was trying to avoid the fake look.. Now I wish I had gone rounds so I could of getting a larger size!
  4. Nealey

    Breast implants with tuberous breast

    My left breast was partially tuberous. What sort of implants did you go? Was there a sizing limit.
  5. Nealey

    Breast implants with tuberous breast

    I'll message you a before photo and after photo
  6. Nealey

    tuberous breast - implants only

    Hi MrsK1312, I'm in the same position. My left breast was partially tuberous and I'm so embarrassed by the results I have gotten. My surgeon did not give me a lift in that breast when I think it needed it. It sits a lot lower the my right breast and has nil lower pole 😔 I feel that I have wasted a lot of money considering I had expectations of what they would look like. My boobs look nothing like the perfect breast I had in mind and when I see most women's BA's I get very down and upset that mine are nothing like that. if you would like to see a picture let me know x
  7. Hi, Has anyone had a breast augmentation with tuberous breast without getting the correction surgery? If so were you happy with the results? x
  8. Nealey

    Lower pole

    They were about 3cm all around
  9. Nealey

    Lower pole

    All he said was if he was to change the shape of the breast it would of been even more different then what it already is. I've attached a photo for yous to see. Excuse my nipples they have stretched a lot 😩
  10. Nealey

    Lower pole

    He need keep adjusting my posture and shoulders but never once mentioned it until now. Are yours very noticeable? I'm not really worried about them being different heights more worried about the fact that my left breast will not have lower pole 😣
  11. Nealey

    Lower pole

    I spoke to my surgeon today about my left breast not having lower pole and sitting lower. He said that because my left breast was different to my right pre-op that it will always be different. I wish he had advised me this before going ahead with the surgery instead of after my surgery... I'm quite devastated that I paid $8k to have perfect breast and that they in fact are not perfect. I understand each breast is different but I'm sure he would of been able to make them look near the same. Should he have told me this before surgery and offered me a breast lift so that they would be the same height?
  12. Nealey

    Lower pole

    My surgeon said they will D&F but they will take longer. I'm just worried about having no lower pole, it's like it drops off straight after my nipple finishes 😕
  13. Nealey

    Lower pole

    Oh really? I know they drop and fluff but I'm just not liking the look of my left one at all. It's a totally different shape 😕
  14. Nealey

    Lower pole

    The implant is slightly higher. I got anatomical Brazilians dual plane and yes I am left handed.
  15. Nealey

    Lower pole

    Hi, I'm 13 days post op and my left breast still has no lower pole. Since getting my BA my right breast has lower pole from day one and looks much fuller down the bottom. Should this be normally? Should my left breast have shown lower pole by now? There is literally nothing there and it makes me worried.