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  1. I'm booked in for October 11th having a TT with muscle repair (4 kids), and knee and thigh liposuction. I'm super excited but super nervous also! I'm hoping the recovery is quick and isn't too bad!
  2. Hi Deb3300 im having all three done next month. I can keep you updated if you like ? M
  3. I too would like to know if anyone has had a TT with Dr Perkins and how it went... I hear he is fabulous. Thanks
  4. Hi Ranapeluda What health fund are you with please? I am about to have a TT (30177) which is medically required however I also want some lipo done on the thighs and the surgeon thinks its best to do both at once for recovery reasons. I called HCF and they will not cover the 30177 at all if I want to do the thigh lipo at the same time. I said I would be happy to pay for the addition 2 hrs theatre fees but they said if I want to be covered I have to have the 2 operations at different times.... This is so disappointing, I have been told that other health funds will cover this
  5. Both doctors came highly recommended from 2 different GPs. One whom had used one themselves. After speaking around I've since found other people who used them also and have showed me their results which are fabulous. ?
  6. Hi Jules13070, Im with HCF. Who are you with? Do you think I need to go into Medicare to discuss it with them in person so they can access it properly?
  7. Hi Jules13070, Do you know how much the theatre fees are at all please? I'm having a TT (which is classed as medical surgery) and leg liposuction (cosmetic) and due to the leg surgery HCF will not cover any of it. I could do them separately but would prefer not to as I'd prefer to deal with operations and recovery all at once. I know my hospital is $1100 a night, I'm just unaware of the theatre fees and the hospital person who does the quotes is away on holidays. Thanks MISSRAV4
  8. Hello Lovelies I'm desperately looking for liposuction doctor recommendations for Sydney. I have an appointment with Dr Perkins and Dr Knox but that is because they are both local to me and were recommend by my GP. I'm happy to travel to anywhere in Sydney. I'm 35 and I have 4 kids (7,5,4,2). I weigh 65kgs and am 165cm tall. I have lost ALOT of weight through PT 3 times a week but cannot get rid of stubborn pocket areas. It's mainly for sculpting. Looking to have: Inner & outer thighs - knees - stomach - arms Any advice or recommendations or before and after
  9. Hi Emxoxo I got 350cc tear drop over the muscle. They bounced back after each pregnancy and actually now look incredibly natural! To be honest people now just think I have big natural breasts. It wasn't until the 4th baby that I have noticed a slight deflating and drop in one... so now I am looking to to get the breast implant revision done but am hoping they can look as natural as the are looking now. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks you so much summer.daze. I'm just starting all my research now. Warm Regards
  11. Hello I'm 34yrs old and my breast implants will be 6 years old in Feb 2016. I have 4 kids (7,4,3,1) and am looking to get my implants done again. I breast fed all my kids for different lengths of time and this has resulted in them dropping a bit and the breast skin now being quite loose from when they were VERY full of milk. Has anyone experienced this and got them redone? I would love to know who you went through and who are considered the 'top surgeons' now in Sydney. The surgeon who originally did mine has now retired. Thanks
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