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    BA, wanting to be a 14DD
    Going with either 505cc or 565cc round moderates over the muscle
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    Dr Kailis, 19th September
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    182cms, 82kgs, 14B-C
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    Sales manager
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    Fitness, health, boobs, yoga, food

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  1. Hi ladies! I had my boobies done in September 2015... I was paranoid I would be going too big with 505cc moderates.... I am 6 foot tall & weigh an athletic 80-85kgs. My surgeon tried to push my to the 565's but I was worried about them making me look fat. Straight away after the op I wished I went bigger!! I actually re-booked in to go up to the 625cc xhp's a week after my op but then freaked out and cancelled it, thinking it would be best to let my 505's settle. 9 months on and everyone is obsessed with my boobs, my friends are all jealous, they look b
  2. I felt exactly the same!! Wasn't excited at all didn't think I even wanted to do it! And now I have them I want more of them!!! You will love them and they will turn out smaller than you think x
  3. I was talking to my mum this morning and I was like, would it be cheaper to get them done again through the same surgeon? She goes well I'm sure you could negotiate a price but let them settle for a few years... In my head I'm like yessss I'm going back to get 650 HPS in winter next year ? hehe xx
  4. I had my period and forgot to change my tampon before hand and the nurse gave me one of her super tampons to use! Totally fine to wear tampons! I did and I was fine would rather that than risk bleeding on the hospital bed I had to get my mum and her partner to help me up this morning! It is soo bad in the mornings!!! Omgosh how hard is it getting up! Do you have drains? I don't! Are you happy with the size of yours? I am thinking I am going to go really big next time. Hehe xx
  5. thank you babe, you are so right I never wanted them to be huge!! I just never expected to feel like this, probably because all that anxiety of them being too big has gone away and now they just look awesome and I want more of them! Haha. I'm sure I have chosen the right size, Just going through a weird patch!!! Xx I'd say the 500 looks the same on me as the 400 would look on you babe, at least we will be able to find clothes and bikinis that fit and we can always wear nice push up bras to make them look porn star like im the same though, now I know how this size feels on me and it's not
  6. You too Hun keep me updated on yours. When are you going back to work? I'm back on Thursday. 440cc on you will be big! You're tiny. They are going to look amazing!!! I am so happy with dr kailis and all the nurses, they were so happy and positive, how cute was the nurse with the classes and the crazy Disney or whatever it was gown she was wearing. And the anesthetist was lovely too! You sounded so sick, I'm glad you're feeling better now. I was so lucky I didn't feel sick at all xx
  7. Thanks Hun, that's reassuring. I know I shouldn't be judging so soon after. I wish I hadn't got so concerned about the numbers and just trusted in my surgeon and gone with the bigger ones. But I'll still be a DD which is still nice and big. What are your stats pre and post op and what size cc did you go? Yeah I need to wait and see... I had boobs already so too much bigger and I wouldn't have been able to fit into any nice clothes!! Haha
  8. thanks babe. I'm probably being silly as they are squashed by my crop top. Just thought I'd be thinking they were massive right now. Not sure what would have freaked me out more, feeling like they were too big or too small?! Good luck for yours aww well hopefully mine are just squashed by my crop top! I never wanted massive so I should be happy! Never expected to feel like I wanted them bigger haha I was always scared of going too big!
  9. Hi ladies I am 1 day post op and I am worried I went too small! I am very tall at 180cms and was a 14C bra at an athletic 80kgs. I got 505cc moderate round over the muscle. My breast width was 15cms so he could have fit way bigger in but I didn't feel comfortable going to the 565cc as it just sounded too big!! Do they get more round/fake looking as time goes on? I wish I went high profile now :/ I hope I am going to feel different when they have healed and I know I can wear push up bras etc - it's weird because I never wanted them to be massive, I never ever thought id have boobie greed but I
  10. hey babe! How you feeling, hope you stopped feeling nauseous asap. i wish I went bigger on the bed dr kailis and my mum said to go the 565ccs and I said I'd be more comfortable with the 505s and now I wish I went bigger!!!!! I know it's only the second day but I feel like they aren't that big.everyone is telling me I'm mad as I went over the muscle. Hopefully in a few days they will look bigger :/ I felt no pain at all yesterday but today I am DYING, just almost fainted going from bed to the couch. Only just had my first pain killers so hopefully that helps. how amazing were the nurses yeste
  11. I'm done! I am feeling amazing, in no pain!! So happy went the 505ccs as I would rather be too small than too big! X
  12. Today is surgery day for me!! Have become indecisive between the 505s and 565s :/ my surgeon said to bring more pics. Also has a massive dinner hope that's not going to be a problem, I did fast since midnight as requested... Wish me luck!!!
  13. hey Hun! ive got my op with Dr Kailis on Saturday! i have to be at Subiaco private hospital at 7:30am. He's so chilled out, they obviously do them all the time - here I am freaking out! One of my friends has gone through him and loved everything about it :) Ooohhhhh!!! How exciting! I'm at 7:30am, you must be just after me!? What size and profile are you going? I'm going 505cc moderate rounds over the muscle x
  14. OMG I have been feeling exactly the same - mine is in 5 sleeps! I tell people and they're like "why are you getting it done you don't need to!" I can make my b-c cups look decent now in a good push up bra... and then I start to feel guilty and worry I am going to hate having big boobs! But then I think back to when i tried the sizers on in my crop top and they looked really good I'm also worried about the anesthetic & recovery time... I think it's normal to be feeling like this!!
  15. Hey girls! So this time next week I will have just had my operation! Have been having bad dreams and freaking out that they are going to be too big (I'm going 505ccs) but keep telling myself I'm tall and need them bigger than other girls! I expect to feel a bit fat/big straight after but know that once they drop and the swelling goes down I'll feel super sexy and in proportion. Can't wait for that and going to buy new bikinis for summer! Good luck to all the girls above who are having their ops this week too xxx
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