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  1. So I'm 4 weeks post op today! (WOW 4 weeks has flown past I kind of want to go back) I have a 11 month old Siberian husky pup - because of this I stayed at my parents house up untill today so I didn't have to worry about him jumping on me whilst I'm asleep etc.. im now ready to go back home with my partner and pup but am wondering if I would be able to walk him? He pulls a fair bit but I never had a problem with walking him previously before BA ? When did you start walking your dogs again? I don't wAnt to do any damage but I also would love to take him out for a good old walk!
  2. Good luck!!!! Hope everything went well for you
  3. thanks heaps! I'm liking how they look to, especially in a bra as they still look funny naked ? hoping that will change eventually? i keep feeling because I've had a good recovery and stuff the changes won't be so much but I thin I'm just freaking myself out
  4. Thanks so much for all your responses!!! I was feeling nervous that I would do something wrong and ruin my scars if I hadn't double checked with you ladies regarding the bio oil! ? ive been wrighting up a training program for myself which is basically just walking in the morning and of an afternoon doing a variation of body weight leg/butt exercises which don't require me to hold myself up using my arms! I might contact a personal trainer who specialises in after surgery training to help me so I can get back into it asap! Also here are some photos for those interested! I am so not sure of how to upload them to the gallery ? they are 2#pre op and day 1 post op Pic 1# day 3-4 post op and 3 weeks Pic 3# pre op favourite sports bra and post op fav sports bra!
  5. Hey ladies! So I'm 3 weeks post op, 330cc under the muscle with Dr Miroshnik.. I just had my first check up with the nurse where she took my bandages off and gave me some new instructions - bio oil the scar once or twice a day to help minimise ? As well as being able to wear bras without underwire ☺️ She also said I am able to do some lower body workouts as long as I'm not sweating/high heart rate and obviously no running/jumping still so was thinking I'll start next week with body weight leg exercises ..Just wondering anyone's experiences with this? Who else used bio oil? Anyone who has had there BA with DR M when did you receive the micro tape for the scars? Thanks guys! ?
  6. Thanks for your responses!! I have to drive again tomorrow to a job interview unfortunately I have no one able to take me as I said I'm a little tender to touch on the left side from gear changing and am unsure if it's worth calling the nurse to ask about it?! I don't want to sound like an idiot
  7. Hey!! I I had my surgery on Thursday with Dr Miroshnik! I haven't been experiencing to much pain at all just all what is normal (from what I've read and the information given by dr m) what I would say is a fairly easy recovery! I drove for the first time on Thursday at 7 days post op and have done a few short trips since (short as in staying in the one suburb couple of km there and back) my left side is a bit tender from changing gears as I drive a manual and I think I'm just working myself up and worrying about nothing as I was told I could drive from 7 days (if comfortable obviously) but I would love to hear anyone's experiences after driving especially a manual! Did you find yourself a bit sore afterwards ?
  8. https://plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/blog/so-you-have-picked-your-surgeon-booked-a-date-and-now-its-time-to-get-things-organised/ That list was very helpful for me!! I also prepared myself by reading a lot of stories to be honest to see what was the normal and I guess it helped a lot! I can honestly say I prepared myself for complete agony which I was shocked to not be in, I also like Vic haven't needed the strong pain killers at all and haven't even had panadol on day 5 or as of yet today (day 6) for me it's more a mental thing! I would say some high fibre foods as well as laxatives as I also was looking pregnant for first 3 days after surgery I couldn't use the toilet but that cleared once I began being conscious to fix it! Good luck!!! You will do great
  9. yes!!! I struggle getting up a bit I have to like shuffle my way to the edge and throw my legs over the edge and I also hold my boobs so I can try use my abs ?
  10. Oh I'm glad we're in the same boat (well not glad your in the same pain as me but glad it's not abnormal) I've woken up this morning feeling a touch better than yesterday! Hope we alll just wake up one day soon and feel great again! ☺️
  11. awesome!! I might try it .. I've been having nulax which is natural also but have been trying to keep it to a minimum lol might try some more haha
  12. I'm not to swollen inbetween my breasts for me it's more on he outside near my arm pits! And my right side is in more pain than the left, maybe as is my dominant arm and I am probably using it more without realising? Freaking myself out a bit how is everyone feeling who's just had unit surgery ?! I wasn't sure where to post this
  13. I've had horrible bloating also!!!! 3 days post op and today's the first time I was able to use to do no.2 (sorry if to much info) I've been trying to eat lots of fruit .. It's very uncomfortable
  14. I'm following this post! I had my surgery on Thursday so am only a couple days post op with 330cc anatomical dual plane! I'm already devastated about not being able to train hard, (I do some powerlifting and bodybuilding) it's so boring sitting on my butt at home!!! Hoping the next few weeks/months fly by so I can get back in the gym even just for some light cardio etc!
  15. oh gosh!!! I could just imagine how annoying that would be! Mine just finished the day before surgery so I felt blessed (generally I always will get it right before something important, weddings, holidays, you name it ?) i seem to be going well I guess!! Starting to feel some weird sensations but I guess that's my nerves beginning to repair etc! Thank gosh for this forum it gave me so much info prior too Surgery I feel aware of what to expect and stuff!!! I haven't been able to play with my Siberian husky (almost a year old) besides through the fence as he will jump on me with excitement and don't want to have to make any sudden movements which Might hurt me and I think we miss each other equally it's quite sad how is everyone doing?? Would love to hear where yous are at and how your all feeling! ☺️
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