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  1. Im 161cm 51kg, was an A/small B and got 330cc tear drop mod plus implants, I'm now exactly a 10D, which is what I wanted as well. I also didn't want to go too big because I found that lots of nice bras sometimes didn't come in sizes above DD. And because I've always been a 10 in band size I find I can still fit a size S in sports crops but in some brands I can't now because the girls get squished, going the next size up in an M is perfect for the girls but is then too loose on the band. So it's trial and error for myself now. Something also to consider!
  2. I'm 161cm/50kg/previously 10A/B. I got 330 Mod + profile teardrops. Here are some of my latest pics and more in clothes to give you an idea. I have never wished they were bigger, if anything 20% of the time they are just right but then 80% of the time I wish I went a little smaller!
  3. I'm actually a dentist myself and If you want the perfect result braces are the way to go. Invisalign can be limiting if say you want to make minor adjustments to a particular tooth. With braces I got to dictate which part of a certain tooth I wanted rotated and it would take 1-2 weeks to see it move and if i didn't like the way it looked then had the flexibility to move it back.
  4. I was also wondering the same thing when I was considering and researching getting a BA. Should I wait until after kids? Well, I had my boobs done last year at 28. I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years now and yes we do want kids in the future (2 or 3 and close in age) but don't see that happening for at least another 3-4 years. Only reason is because we still want to do some travelling and also get our careers sorted to have the financial security of 1 parent staying home raising the kids. Now like you I figured by the time I finish having kids and have my body in the shape that I want it at prior to surgery (weight and hormones stable) I would probably be around 36-38 years of age. So essentially I'd be waiting another 10 years to have the bigger boobs I've always wanted. I decided to get them before children because I actually want to enjoy them before hand. I was a big A/small B with a nice symmetrical pre-op shape and I was worried that maybe after breast feeding they might become more asymmetric or perhaps I would loose so much breast tissue that an implant afterwards wouldn't look as nice as if I still had some breast tissue prior to breast feeding? I also considered that breast feeding could also cause sag and ruin the look of my new implants but I'm prepared to get a revision after having children if needed. There are so many unpredictable things beyond your control and you just don't know so I weighed up the pros and cons and decided I would get them prior to babies.
  5. Oh @Beautiful_Mind the struggle is real! We we're both in the same boat about this - myself a few months ago and you're comments about my uncertainty really helped me, so thank you. I can see exactly what you mean with them looking fake but I only notice it more when you're wearing a padded bra, in everything else like your bikini pics they look like natural boobs. I actually never wear padded bras anymore, I only go for thin bras - no padding - and with/without underwire. In fact I don't miss padded bras at all, I always found them uncomfortable and would get super sweaty in them. Your boobs really suit your body, keep in mind you only got 20cc more than myself and I'm a lot shorter than you! I know what you mean that they can really look out there sometimes but trust me your size looks very natural!
  6. No not at all! Everyone's entitled to makes their own choices based on what makes them feel comfortable, and I can totally understand the better safe than sorry aspect. I never try to talk people out of taking antibiotics if they are really adamant, however if they don't want to take it and fall into the 'at risk' category then I have the right to refuse treatment. It's only when people ask me and they want a clear cut answer I'll say it's not needed, unless they fall into the 'at risk' category. Funny you say that I always think how amazing it would be to be a doctor especially to work in ED, I think I would really enjoy the diversity and working under pressure. I say that now but I also realise there's a lot of work, sacrifice and time away from home being a doctor. The hours can be long and I can see why a lot of people that are doctors have doctor partners because they are the only one's that would understand the job and long hours. But yes one of the reasons I chose dentistry is that it's a career that I personally think works well for a woman. It's a job you can still work part time in and juggle a family. I don't have kids yet but in a few years most definitely. I also enjoy the diverse field of dentistry, it would be very similar to medicine - there's a lot of problem solving, not one case is the same and I really enjoy the aspect of working with my hands and of course people! I'm quite new to the field so I'm very content in practicing general dentistry at the moment. At this stage I'm not planning on specialising (if you specialise you forfeit your right to do general dentistry) but ask me in 5 years time I may have found a passion to specialise in another field!
  7. Hi there, I'm a practicing dentist and I have breast implants. I do not take antibiotics prior to any dental procedure. I have consulted Dr Geraldine Moses who oversees the Australia Dental Association's PharmaAdvice service. Please find attached the article she forwarded me and excerpt to which antibiotic prophylaxis is not indicated in cases of people having breast implants for any dental treatment: Prevention of Infections in Other Types of Implants Antibiotic prophylaxis is not recommended for people with cosmetic implants (e.g., breast, chin, etc) or nonvascular cardiac implants (e.g., pacemakers or defibrillators).5-7 While “better safe than sorry” is an adage that often rings true, it’s important to remember that there are also risks associated with the unnecessary use of antibiotics (e.g., bacterial resistance, drug interactions, adverse events, and increased health care costs). phcists letter AB paxis Oct 15 (1).pdf
  8. you are too kind thank you xoxox...I saw that! but now he's taken it down?!
  9. Pic 1 - Day 1 Pic 2 - 2.5 weeks + 4 weeks Pic 3 - 2 months Pic 4 - 10 months
  10. Funny you say that I have just started following fashion bloggers with boobs too!! You're right it is super helpful and gives you good idea how something is going to look with boobs! Will start following Pia now too! Don't worry @mycosmeticjourney I definitely won't be downsizing any time soon! I wouldn't want to waste the money nor put my body through unnecessary trauma so soon again. I will accept that this is what they are for now and I'm learning to adjust with them. I will probably consider downsizing when it comes to replacing them in the future though haha.
  11. Now that you mention it, I agree @Honeycakes all the dresses I've worn since my BA for any event or going out so far, I would never had considered wearing before my BA. And you're right it's because they look so much better with boobs to fill them out and I don't have to wear strapless padded bras anymore so it has been a lot more comfortable and definitely a massive win there. Ohhh I didn't realise Dr M didn't measure BWD, he was measuring something I was just to excited to get boobs that I just left it in his hands haha. Dr M actually gave me 3 sizes to choose from, 250cc, 280cc and 330cc. He said all would look natural but said 330cc was the biggest to go if I still wanted to be in the natural spectrum. I remember thinking 250cc would be a waste of everyones time and money lol, 280cc looked perfect and 330cc looked TOO BIG (omg my thoughts now). So actually I told Dr M 280cc but then I called his receptionist the next day and said to also bring 330cc to try in me because I kept reading here that you lose size going under the muscle. I also managed to convince myself that the extra 50cc up from 280cc is literally 2 tablespoons so it wouldn't make too much of a difference. And adding to that the girls at the clinic said that majority of girls after their BA's always wish they went bigger haha. So I ended up with 330cc and I can confidently say that to this day 330cc inside me now doesn't look as big as it did in the consult and thats most probably because it's being held firmly together by the skin and muscle. I am very happy with my results, and Dr M is amazing I can't thank him enough for the amazing job he's done. So in the mean time it's just an insecurity thing about going from no boobs to big boobs. I will just have to learn to adjust and love them with time!
  12. Thank you so so so much ladies for all your replies and reassurance ? Not sure what I would be doing if I didn't have the wisdom and support of all you ladies on this forum. Would probably booking a revision by now ? But in all seriousness I think my issue is that before boobs I knew exactly what suited and fit me well. Everything was predictable and I could look at a piece of clothing and know exactly how it would look and fit without having to try it on and that's because I've known my body with no boobs for the past 30 years of my life. Now that I have boobs I'm adjusting and relearning what fits and I'm obviously getting frustrated because I'm not used to it. I probably would be in the same predicament if I thought my implants were too small - would probably be writing a thread about how I didn't go big enough and wasted all that money ? I've seen more threads about people agonising they wish they went bigger and seems more people are willing to get a revision sooner to go bigger than to go smaller. @BoobsCD I think my BWD is 11cm I'm actually not 100% sure cos I couldn't decipher dr M's doctors handwriting. My implant has a width of 12cm though to give me side boob Hahah @Belle333 I always thought that if I went too small I would just cop it and then it would give me an excuse to upsize when they need to get replaced in future like after having all my kids.
  13. You're so right thank you for commenting @Missy35 It's actually a huge adjustment for me, a lot of my clothes that I wore last summer, especially some dresses and playsuits, don't really fit on the bust anymore. Any high neck dresses will tend to gape on the sides. Some plunging flowey dresses that I bought (couldn't wear before boobs) I feel like I still need to wear a bralette with them because of the massive amount of side boob that makes my boobs point outwards. That's a great idea to find a big booby friend to shop with or a personal shopper. Thank you again, like I said I shouldn't complain because I'm happy with the way my boobs look.
  14. I know I'm surprising myself here too! I never thought I'd be here 10 months later saying all this I think I was offered 280 as the size down. Even if I went the next size down I'm not sure how much of a difference it would have made. The 280cc implant still had the same width as the 330, just the projection and therefore volume would have been slightly less. And yes you're right you're still very early, they even say to give it a year for final results, can't see my boobs shrinking in the next 2 months though haha.
  15. They are starting to drop very nicely @BelleB and have a beautiful shape. Thank you for reminding me, I've definitely come to see that the glass is half full in that having boobs to fill clothes without having to wear padded bras is great. I no longer feel the need when I come home to get out of conventional bras now. It is a lot more comfortable now than it was without boobs trying to make them look like I have them! I'm 161cm (5'2) and 50kg. Thank you so much for your kind words, sometimes you just need another perspective to tell you otherwise. We are always our biggest criticiser aren't we and a lot of times we can focus on the negative so much that it overrides the positives.
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