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    Post Op 400cc, under the muscle, 12DD-E
    Pre Op 12AA
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    Dr Piyapas, 17th September 2015
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    175cm, 67kgs, currently 10-12AA cup

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  1. I am 5 weeks post op too, quite squishy at the moment but I am expecting them to become a lot more softer within a month
  2. OMG... Im 5 weeks post up, woke up this morning and have just noticed them. I am absolutely stressing it, I dont now why, but I didn't even think about stretch marks!? What do I do????
  3. I had sex the next day after surgery... oops haha! I just held them and couldn't take my hands off them! Was a bit uncomfortable but not painful!
  4. I am 5 weeks PO, I do have sensation but its that same horrible feeling mentioned above. The area I have no feeling in is just under my nipple on my skin, just above my incision. I have no feeling about 3cm in-between and I hate it! I am taking some vitamins recommended to help bring it back, and my surgeon said it might take 6 months. So fingers crossed I get it back
  5. 12AA before, now 12DD-E depending on bra with 400cc
  6. Thanks Hayles_1 Glad to hear it wasn't boring, that took me about an hour to write haha! I am literally so happy I said that in the end, if I didn't, I don't think I would have 400cc right now. Thanks again!
  7. WANTED: At least 470cc, round, under the muscle, smooth, high profile. AFTER: 400cc, round, unde themuslce, smooth, high profile. STATS: 177cm, 68kg, broad shoulders, A cup before. Hi Girlies, I thought I would post SOMETHING seeing as its been almost 2 weeks post op, and I only just returned from Thailand, so didn't really get the opportunity to let you know how I went. This is probably going to be quite detailed, as I know before surgery I was looking for a story that was detailed and had every source of information I needed, so sorry in advance! I said goodbye to work, and hello to Phuket
  8. 9 hours ladies ... Just arrived in Thailand and absolutely freaking out. ITS ACTUALLY TOMORROW MORNING!!! Can not believe it. Felt like throwing up before, feeling so real now. Wish me luck! Xxx
  9. *****...to actually see my name on this list is freaking me out! I have the strongest butterflys right now and its still 3 days away. Its getting so real now. Absolutely freaking out.......... should I be doing this!?!?!!?
  10. Single digits now ladies... 9 DAYS!!!!!!!
  11. Wow sounds so little compared to hers. Good question, I didn't ask her. She said its been so bad, she is literally laying in bed at night so tired but needs to massage them for an hour every single night! Imagine that!
  12. Oh wow, that's nothing compared to my friend - maybe she got it wrong! I'm sure it varies depending on your surgeon, however an hour to me seemed way over the top!
  13. How long a day are you guys massaging? My work college got hers done 1 month post op now but she has been massaging an hour a day :| that seems like so much time! Is this normal? Guess you have to do it if you want that nice look
  14. I think Emily had small ones for sure, they were really round and when she had a dress on they pushed them into a round fake look! Snez's are my favourite, love the size! Lets hope ours turn out just as perfect lol
  15. Oh wow, your good haha, have you not had any boob greed? That's amazing, you've got to be happy!!
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