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    Post Op 400cc, under the muscle, 12DD-E
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    Dr Piyapas, 17th September 2015
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    175cm, 67kgs, currently 10-12AA cup

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  1. I am 5 weeks post op too, quite squishy at the moment but I am expecting them to become a lot more softer within a month
  2. OMG... Im 5 weeks post up, woke up this morning and have just noticed them. I am absolutely stressing it, I dont now why, but I didn't even think about stretch marks!? What do I do????
  3. I had sex the next day after surgery... oops haha! I just held them and couldn't take my hands off them! Was a bit uncomfortable but not painful!
  4. I am 5 weeks PO, I do have sensation but its that same horrible feeling mentioned above. The area I have no feeling in is just under my nipple on my skin, just above my incision. I have no feeling about 3cm in-between and I hate it! I am taking some vitamins recommended to help bring it back, and my surgeon said it might take 6 months. So fingers crossed I get it back
  5. 12AA before, now 12DD-E depending on bra with 400cc
  6. Thanks Hayles_1 Glad to hear it wasn't boring, that took me about an hour to write haha! I am literally so happy I said that in the end, if I didn't, I don't think I would have 400cc right now. Thanks again!
  7. WANTED: At least 470cc, round, under the muscle, smooth, high profile. AFTER: 400cc, round, unde themuslce, smooth, high profile. STATS: 177cm, 68kg, broad shoulders, A cup before. Hi Girlies, I thought I would post SOMETHING seeing as its been almost 2 weeks post op, and I only just returned from Thailand, so didn't really get the opportunity to let you know how I went. This is probably going to be quite detailed, as I know before surgery I was looking for a story that was detailed and had every source of information I needed, so sorry in advance! I said goodbye to work, and hello to Phuket on the 16th of September. I arrived there at 6.45pm and was getting picked up to go to the hospital at 7.00am the following day (17th of September). I really didn't have much time to settle into my hotel etc, so was pretty nervous. I organised my surgery at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Piyapas and made all the plans via the hospital - they organised every single thing, pick up from airport, pick up from hotel to hospital, my return to the hotel, and 2 follow up pick up and drop offs! I got picked up on Thursday morning, arrived to the hospital at 7.30, and into all these tests straight away when I arrived. I had my blood test taken, chest x ray and also this another weird test to test my heart. Everything went so fast. I met with my surgeon (which trust me, I am only 21 but have had this planned since I was 16, I did my research and lots of it. I even made a 146page file which had every single bit of information in it I needed, including surgeon information, hospital information, hotel information, ,maps, reviews, implant warranties, everything you could possibly think of, so this was 5 years of planning) and he was lovely. I do need to say though, this went WAY TOO FAST, I didn't like it. Literally in and out. I was with him for about 5 minutes, and here I am with all these questions I wanted to ask, all these things I needed to say, but no time to say it. He sat me down quickly, asked why I was doing this, told me to stand up, and his nurse gave me a bra to put on. Dr Piyapas gave me two types of implants, one moderate profile, and one high profile. Seeing as I did so much re-search, I had high profile in mind, but being so rushed, I was seriously finding it so hard to make a decision. Looking back on it, I wish I asked him to slow down, and tell him how I felt, it just wasn't what I expected. He put the two implants in my bra and said to close my eyes and feel which one I felt more comfortable with, within 20 seconds I felt like I had to make my decision, I chose high profile. He then told me that I didn't have much breast tissue, and that I could only go 325cc. I was absolutely devastated. All this time, I had planned that I wanted at least 470cc. I wanted big implants, but not too big that it would make me look fake, I still wanted the natural look, however wanted to be more proportioned. I am 174cm and 68kgs with broad shoulders, 470cc suited my frame quite well, although some of you might be a bit shocked at the size? When I got told 325cc my heart dropped, I told him I wanted at least 470cc and he said its not going to be possible. He said the biggest I could go would be 350cc but he will see in surgery if I can go up to 350cc as I was going behind the muscle, and it all depends on my chest wall. I had all these photos to show him, like most of you probably have, that I had been collecting for 5 years.. yet I didn't even get the chance to show him. At the same time, I still had to understand that going more than 350cc could impose a huge risk for complications, so I couldn't argue. From research I found that Thailand surgeons are a little more conservative than Australian surgeons, so I put it down to this too, which made me even a little bit more upset. I didn't go to Thailand for the price, this was not at all a factor, I work 60+ hours a week and I earn very good money for a person my age. I had the money. This was purely because from all the re-search I had done, I preferred this surgeon over any other surgeon's work I had seen. And ladies, im not saying my surgeon was the best, but he was the best for me!! I left his office a bit down, and shocked. The nurse took photos also, so we could compare afterwards. I went to Thailand with my mum, for support, and she never wanted me to go bigger anyway, so once I told her the size, she was happy. I got upgraded to the Presidential Suite at the hospital, so the nurse's settled me in there and gave me a gown to change into. Here I am thinking I still have an hour to prepare, but all of a sudden, within 5 minutes of being in my room, a nurse with a wheel chair comes in to put my drip in and then wheel me into the operating room. WHAT!!!!!! I couldn't even take into account my room (which was amazing, 2 king size beds, a bathroom, a kitchen!) let alone going into surgery in 10 minutes.... after being told an hour. All of a sudden, I started balling my eyes out. My mum then started too as well, I was just way to overwhelmed as this went way too fast. Don't get me wrong, it was a great process, and they were thorough with the testing side of things, this whole process just needed to be slowed down, not just a little bit but A LOT! I couldn't drop crying all the way to the surgery room, I didn't have any time to take anything in. I got to the operating room, and layed down. The one thing I also felt uncomfortable with was they strapped my arms down..i don't know what for? Dr Piyapas came in and he held my hand. He told me that everything was going to be okay. After reading other Dr Piyapas stories and reviews, they were amazing, I did not find one bad thing about him. He is an amazing amazing character, quite shy and quiet, but an extremely good surgeon who looked after me well. I started crying again and he tried to calm me down. In my last 30 seconds before I went to sleep, I said to him "please just go as big as you can without causing any risk", he just smiled and next thing I knew, I was out of it. Surgery I think took about 2 hours. All of a sudden, I woke up, absolutely shivering, not because it was cold but because I think I was in shock. I got wheeled down to my room again, and OWCH, the nurses had to move me from this wheeley bed, to my hospital bed, it hurt All of a sudden, I threw up. I think I was still so shocked. I hadn't eaten for over 10 hours, but I couldn't even eat a thing, the thought of food made me feel so sick, and I am usually a big eater haha. I kept getting pain and nausea stuff put into me, I was in pain but it wasn't unbearable, mostly uncomfortable. I didn't even really need to go to the toilet, and didn't go until about 8pm that night. The nurses kept bringing me soooo much food, but I couldn't eat anything, so my mum was happy haha. They kept coming in to see if I was ok, to see if I wanted to go to the toilet etc, such good care it was incredible, I don't think you would get anything like it back in Australia. If I pressed the nurse button, someone would literally come rushing in to assist me. I had to sleep in an upright position, which sucked, I always lay on my back. I didn't really sleep. The surgeon came in to wake me up in the morning, I cant remember what time but probably around 8.00. I asked him straight away, WHAT SIZE DID I END UP GETTING! He just laughed and said "what about asking how it went first" haha. He told me.... he ended up fitting in..... 400CC! Far out was I one happy girl. After finding out I could only go 325, since I wanted 470, I was already 120cc away from what I wanted. To find out that I went 400 was amazing! It was 75cc more than what he thought he could fit. He said my chest wall wasn't as tight as he insisted, and he said seeing as I asked him on the operating table to try his best to fit in a bigger implant, he tried his best and he succeeded. This just absolutely made me smile the rest of the day, I was SO happy I cant explain it haha. I left that day at about 2pm, going over bumps on the road hurt I found it hard again to sleep, but the pain was just so tight. 400cc was stretching my skin to the max, I don't know if anyone else felt like this, but far out, I feel like it I jumped, my implants would slip out of my incisions, or like my chest was about to explode and the skin was going to tear. It wasn't really impacting my breathing, it was just tight. The next day I was actually feeling ok. I went down stairs to the breakfast at the hotel and had my first mouthful of food. I was actually feeling great, I even went out shopping. I have read girls saying, don't over do it with going out, so was a bit hesitant. I honestly felt like I could handle it though, and I could. 8 hours shopping we did... The next day we did it again and I was fine. I had this huge bandage like you would have seen in some photos of people on here, that wraps around your whole chest (I've always thought this is a little strange, when they are doing surgery they obviously sit you right up to wrap this around your whole chest area haha). This bandage came off just before I went shopping. I tried to wrap it back around, and put my post op bra on to hold it together. I thought this would be ok, which it was (I probably should have rang my surgeon to ask). Monday I went for a follow up. He basically just took the bandaging off and looked at my incisions. This was pretty rushed also.. The nurse took more photos. Dr Piyapas asked If I was happy, and I said extremely, I just wish I went bigger (which I never thought I would be a girl saying this, seeing as I wanted to go bigger in the first place for this reason). But he said, he literally couldn't fit any bigger implant in than he did, if he did there would have been complications. So at least I know, I couldn't have gone any bigger at all, without imposing a risk to myself. He gave me more medication and asked If I needed anything else. I was expecting this to be the last time I saw my surgeon, but he asked when I was leaving, and seeing as I still had 7 days there, he asked if I would like another follow up with him. I obviously said yes, just to make sure everything was still going as it should. I was shopping for about 10 hours a day, so I really didn't feel to much pain or discomfort I returned on Friday for my second follow up, and everything went great. Once again, checked my incisions, said my heeling is going great and asked If I needed any more medication. This time I got the chance to ask a couple of questions. When can I swim? I have to wait 8 weeks, as chlorine can affect my incisions and cause infection. I need to wait until my scar has healed completely and the scab is no longer there. When can I exercise? I can return to light exercise i.e walking whenever I like, but 8 weeks for running and up to 12 weeks for weights. When can I stop wearing this post op bra? In 2 weeks after surgery (so 1 more week, which I was surprised) as long as the bra's I wear don't have underwire. He even said I can take my incision cover bandage thing off too when I return home. I can now shower completely instead of just washing under my arms and showering from belly button down, which was another bonus. He then taught me how to massage. He said 2 minutes for each massage. I have to squeeze the top of each breast, holding one hand underneath for 2 minutes each, then I have to grab both breasts and move them around together, for 2 minutes. Then I have to grab both again, and hold them together. I have to re-peat this 2ce a day, so 16 minutes a day in total (which once again I was surprises, seeing as my friend only just got back, different surgeon, but said she has to massage for an hour a day!!). I finally got a photo with him, and he gave me his card and said good luck. If I have any questions to contact him immediately. He also said to keep him updated with messages and photos when I can. He was incredible. I got a couple of weird feelings in my breasts, one was heat all of a sudden. I got a bit nervous seeing as when I go on the plane home, what if they heated up. It was actually fine! I returned home finally after a 7 hour flight. My partner was so happy. He was so worried at first, thinking I would flaunt them once I got them and find someone better than him, STUPID I KNOW! But far out he couldn't keep his hands and eyes off them. I relaxed on Saturday night ,watched some movies. Every 5 minutes he would ask to have a quick peak again, bless him! Now its Wednesday, tomorrow will mark 2 weeks. It has gone so fast, after so much time planning and researching. I have been a bit slack to be honest with massaging... So I really really need to look after this and do it, im disappointed with myself. Right now though, after its all done, I am amazed. I am so happy. The size is actually pretty big, once again though, I wish I could have gone a little bigger. The are even, they are perfect. I wore a bra to work today, It feels great. 2 weeks he said but ahh.. 13 days is close enough haha. Overall, the experience was incredible, can not fault my surgeon or his staff, I just wish it wasnt as rushed as it was! The incisions are actually almost scabbing, sorry that sounds gross, but they are healing very well. I am yet to post some photos, after reading all this, if you have actually gotten through it, your probably sick of me. I just know that I was always looking for a complete story, so I hope that there's someone out there who appreciates this. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment, or private message me. There might be something I have missed out, I hope not. Thanks for taking the time to read girls xx
  8. 9 hours ladies ... Just arrived in Thailand and absolutely freaking out. ITS ACTUALLY TOMORROW MORNING!!! Can not believe it. Felt like throwing up before, feeling so real now. Wish me luck! Xxx
  9. *****...to actually see my name on this list is freaking me out! I have the strongest butterflys right now and its still 3 days away. Its getting so real now. Absolutely freaking out.......... should I be doing this!?!?!!?
  10. Single digits now ladies... 9 DAYS!!!!!!!
  11. Wow sounds so little compared to hers. Good question, I didn't ask her. She said its been so bad, she is literally laying in bed at night so tired but needs to massage them for an hour every single night! Imagine that!
  12. Oh wow, that's nothing compared to my friend - maybe she got it wrong! I'm sure it varies depending on your surgeon, however an hour to me seemed way over the top!
  13. How long a day are you guys massaging? My work college got hers done 1 month post op now but she has been massaging an hour a day :| that seems like so much time! Is this normal? Guess you have to do it if you want that nice look
  14. I think Emily had small ones for sure, they were really round and when she had a dress on they pushed them into a round fake look! Snez's are my favourite, love the size! Lets hope ours turn out just as perfect lol
  15. Oh wow, your good haha, have you not had any boob greed? That's amazing, you've got to be happy!!
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