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    Breast Implants 545 XHP over the muscle 10G
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    Dr Ali Hussain September 25th 2015
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    164cm/ 60kg

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  1. Hi ladies 6 months ago I had breast augmentation done with Dr Ali Hussain. Im happy with my results but theres been something thats been bothering me after it. So right before my surgery my dr asked if it was ok to film my surgery I agreed as i thought it was for him to show other surgeons etc. he got me to sign a contract in which I have no copy of and it was right before he put me to sleep so i was too excited for my boobs to read it properly and I signed away. Anyway on every post op visit instead of generally caring about how i was going it was a filming sesh for his stupid video he was making about documenting my surgery which i was ok with as he told me and my partner heard too that i was remaining anonymous and my face and nipples would be covered. Well this video is live to the whole world he sent me it in novemeber last year and i was in shock i asked him to remove it as he said my parts would be covered and they are not and he then rang me and guilt tripped me into letting him keep it on his site by saying he paid $2000 for the video to be made and i asked for him to edit it and cover my parts and he said he couldnt then he talked me out of it and offerd me free lip injections back in december ( which i never got ) and a discount on my next boob job. Now im pregnant its been playing on my mind i want this video removed but what leg do i have to stand on i have no idea what I signed and its giving me bad anxiety knowing its still up there for the world to see! What do i do? has anyone else had this happen?
  2. Hey boobie friends just an update! Had my surgery on 25th with Dr Ali Hussain in Sydney got 545 xhp overs. The recovery has been amazing pain at its best was 3/10 tightness 6/10 now im pretty much not in any sort of pain only itching around my incisions and some tightness still. Im POD 4 and i haven't done a number 2?! I know this is normal but whay did you girls try to speed up the process lol hope you all are well xxx
  3. Hey ladies!! I did it! I ended up going 545cc XHP over the muscle! I had a sneak peak and omg im in love! The pain was really good 2/10 ive been resting most the day! I felt a little faint when i went to the toilet other than that im feeling really good & excited!
  4. Thanks ladies much appreciated! Ill just stop now (11 days to go) best of being safe than sorry lol xx
  5. Hi ladies how soon should I stop taking pre workout before surgery? My BA is in 12 days
  6. Not yet i hope its early though Sydney traffic is the worst and im coming from Newcastle. Im getting either 520-560 XHP overs so excited i just hope they are big enough haha i initally went in thinking i could go 700cc but ill need 2 surgeries for that!
  7. Im having surgery with Dr Ali Hussain in Sydney on the 25th september too what size are you going @RiniBeans
  8. I went in intitally thinking I could go 700cc haha but apparently i'd need 2 surgeries to achieve that so im settling for 560. I chose over the muscle as i have enough breast tissue already and i want a "fake " look! So excited! Cant wait to hear how you all go xx ?
  9. Meeee!! September 25th through Esteem Cosmetic Clinics in Sydney with dr Ali Hussain. 560 XHP over the muscle! So excited!
  10. Thanks so much ladies ahh that makes me feel a bit better! Id love to follow your journey xo
  11. Ive seen some before and afters of sag worse than mine so i just wanted to see who else was told they needed one but went against it. Im after size not height and if they one day sag which gravity hits us all then ill get a lift but not before kids!
  12. I just wanted to see some ladies results who were told they needed a lift but didn't but got implants anyway! Im scared ill be told i need a lift and i refuse to have one at my age id just rather large implants so if anyone on here has had the same worry please let me know :)
  13. Oh really I'm booked in for the Sydney location with him,I want over 600ccs I hope he doesn't try to talk me into getting smaller I've already had my mind set on this size for years lol
  14. Just want to hear your stories and see your results! I'm wanting 700-800ccs
  15. How did you girls go with this surgeon? Booked in for a consult this week
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