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  1. Hi, I am new to Botox and fillers. Ive been wanting to get it in my forehead to reduce lines that are there even without frowning ? So far I've booked in with renaissance in Applecross next week. They charge $150 for the forehead area. I can't seem to track down recent reviews on renaissance or others in perth like absolute cosmetic and rejuva! Please give me some feedback and reviews for perth Botox/ fillers perth please ? Thank you!
  2. I'm a little concerned that your plastic surgeon said he couldn't put 400cc under the muscle. I have 450cc under the muscle. I also have the look you want, mine look natural when wearing normal clothes but when I put on a deep plunge neck line or bikini or lengerie they have that perfect round symmetry that only fakies can provide ? I love mine because it's the best of both worlds - they can look natural but they can also look sexy fake lol!!! I was a very deflated c cup beforehand. I also personally prefer unders as I do high impact exercise and I don't want them sagging soon we rather then later which is common with overs.
  3. hi all ? very curious to know how long the post op itch lasted for you? I'm 10 weeks post op and my breasts are still itchy. Like waking me up at night itchy lol I'm using variety of cocoa butter, bio oil, strataderm, moisturiser few times a day and still itchy! Please tell me it's normal lol ? Thanks heaps!!!!
  4. did anyone else experience a reaction to the dissolvable stitches from their breast lift? My right breast nipple incision is seriously infected, the infection is spreading. I'll be going in tomorrow to see the nurse (I was just in last week but they said it would be ok but its definitely not because all its done is spread) but I want to hear any other personal experiences to this ? Tia
  5. yeah the incision dressing tape. Thank you so much girls! Merry Christmas ??
  6. thank you ? I'm just not sure at all. The tape is not really a dressing the nurse said we just use it to post op to decrease movement in the incisions which helps with the scars?! Right now how rashy red and irritated my breasts are is so not worth the tape!
  7. Hi Mark Lee girls, i was hoping one of you know his opening hours over the Christmas period? Also, you know the brown tape the nurse gives you post op for your scars, well mine is causing a rash on my breasts. Do you think I should stop using it or go to the gp? advice would be greatly appreciated ?
  8. it's not selfish reasons you came round- you woke up and realised that you two are never going to agree on everything and for your happiness he needs to support you best he can and for his happiness you need to support him best he can. My hubby and I were having major issues with where to spend money and what on (you know on luxuries) and one day I just woke up and realised if I want to be with him for the long haul there are going to be times I have to support his needs and wants over my own opinion but he needs to do the same and now he does if it wasn't for him supporting me to do my BA I wouldn't had done it. So you two just need to find the common ground and be supportive. If you can't be supportive then the issues will continue to affect your relationship.maybe even just explaining that to him again that it's merely impossible to always agree on everything and maybe he will come round ? Good luck.
  9. I think even if you add implants if your pre op breasts are sitting too low then the nipple can be out of place (downwards) and you won't get the upper pole fullness. For me my breast lift was needed because my breasts were too low and too empty up top. Have a look at my pics ? I am so glad I got the lift !!
  10. they really don't need to know do they? ?
  11. I got 450 cc unders with a lift. There was never any concern with the size and having a lift as well from my surgeon. I was a deflated C cup 165cm 65kg. They are nearly 3 weeks old I love the perkiness ?
  12. I have 3 boys 9, 10, 11 and all me and my husband told them was what all they needed to know- I had an operation that was private and female. Their dad was like "it's woman stuff" lol they might notice but even if they do I'm a big believer that it's none of their business they are young boys and I didn't lie to them.
  13. Hi all ? My new additions- the skin seems to be peeling like when you get sunburnt plus they are itchy Is this normal? Do you know why? I've just been using moisturiser should I be using something else? Thank you ?
  14. I can't even decide whether I want bigger or the same ???? so indecisive lol but I do love them and I've only had then 3 weeks still plenty of healing to go as I had a lollipop lift! If anything the lift has made a world of difference ?
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