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  1. Thanks girls that's great to know they don't really hurt.
  2. I'm terrified of having to get drainage tubes! Has anyone had drainage tubes? Does it hurt? And if you had to get them then why? thanks ladies!
  3. That's good! Yeah anything back is better than nothing! 😊 Oh ha just covering one Breast?! That's silly! Lol.
  4. Haha so true! They should also cover people who have no boobs at all! Which is me! Haha
  5. Thanks! It sucks they don't cover it considering how much you pay for private health! Lol.
  6. I have private health insurance and it covers plastic surgery but only for medical purposes 😞 not for just wanting to get it done. does anyone know if you still get some sort of discount from the surgeons for having private health?
  7. Thanks for letting me know! 😊. I'm bringing my sister with me. When I rang up to book a consultation I thought the receptionist was lovely, she said that she had the same procedure done and if I had questions I could call her.
  8. Thanks Ree765……good to know the implants help a little bit haha! imperfectly_lou your poor sister! hopefully it will get better for her!
  9. I have booked in for consultations with Dr. Craig Rubinstein, Dr. Mark Ashton and Dr. Mansoor Mirkazemi and was wanting feedback from anyone who has had BA with them. I was also thinking of booking a consult with Dr. Dean Trotter or Richard Bloom ….. any suggestions??!!!!
  10. Hahaha yeah mine are like yours! I think they do.
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